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Triple Punch Biopsy - infected??

Hey all,

I'm aware of the usual issues/ symptoms after a Punch biopsy.

But my leg is very warm, it has a red ring around it & it does have some yellowing. Feels quite heavy

Due to it being on the side of my leg it's VERY tender. Thankfully it's stopped bleeding now!!

Obv I have had 3 punch biopsies on one large lesion. So it's bound to hurt

But Im just wondering if taken a trip to the doc would be a good idea.

Any advice would be amazing

Thank you in advance xx

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I think one of the stitches has opened up... little hole on the top wound.. ?


That doesn't look good. I would go to the doctors. It does look like the stitches have failed.


Thanks Lauren. X

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I had problems with stitches after they biopsied different places on my legs when they were really bad. The skin was fragile and one place where it was pretty clear, a lump started to form where the biopsy was taken. For me, prednisone made it all better, but wow was I reactive before treatment.

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I've never had problems before, It was bleeding a lot yesterday followed the instructions, I had A shower & removed the dressing gently but the stitches to me didn't look right, it was a tiny bit inflamed before the biopsy was taken. & very inflamed now, it's still very painful when I put my foot down lots of pressure.

You had a lump form ? Did they say what it was ?

I'm glad the steroids worked. X


Just got back from the doctors. Severe infection, antibiotics. Couldn't give me the stronger one as it was to expensive. I was given some clarithromycin. I'm just glad I have something x


Oh good - did they say that you couldn't put anything topical on it? Goldenseal Root tincture is a super antiseptic. Better than antibiotic cream.

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She didn't say anything about creams. Just take the oral antibiotics & finish the course. I'll see if I can get some. I'm gunna elevate my leg now for a bit as the more I walk the worse it gets xx

Thanks v much x

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Definitely elevate as much as possible, and check with the docs before putting anything on it, in case your type of wound needs to stay dry.

Do you know what kind of infection you have?

When my idiot ex got MERSA in a bug bite on the back of his neck, it needed to be flushed daily with saline and packed because it was so deep.

My one worry is that the infection become encapsulated, and the oral antibiotics won't reach the heart of the infection. Did they draw a circle around the red areas? I know it looks weird, but it is good way to monitor if the antibiotics are working or not.

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I can't even touch the area, or have anything brush it e.g. Clothing. It's so tender. The last few hours I've developed a cough & cold symptoms. Eyes are dripping, heavy head cold feeling. Rotten!

She didn't advise me on keeping it dry or covering it. Just gave me the antibiotics.

Nope, I'm not sure what the infection is called.

Ouch! I had that with my scorpion sting. Had it flushed & packed for 3 months. VILE pain.

No drawing on my lesion, she just gave it a quick look and that was it.

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Um... That sounds alarmingly like it may have gone septic. Can you get yourself to an emergency room ASAP?

You may need IV antibiotics.

I know you have been through so much lately, but sepsis can kill you and those are the signs.

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I'm gunna take the antibiotics and see how I go. But thanks for your concern Lauren x


Wow - resistance to antibiotics is tough. Okay, you know your body best.

Take care sweetie.

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It is rubbish, I'm struggling with painkillers too at the moment. They seem to really annoy my stomach. Even though I take Lansoprazol 30mg daily. How are you feeling ? X


I'm feeling pretty good considering that I did two full days of heavy landscaping. This acupuncture is a miracle I am grateful for every day.


Really oh well done you !! I'm doing my garden tomorrow. Bought some beautiful flowers today & I've just been watching it grow since I've been poorly & not really had the energy to look after it. So tomorrow I'm gardening :)

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With the weather being so rainy, and then the stupid poisoning/stroke thing the garden is almost too late to start, but I'll concentrate on perennials and bushwacking the weeds back. Thank the powers most of the property is naturalized. But it is proof positive that my energy is coming back :-)

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Glad to hear your energy is coming back.. that's a good sign. I'm just getting to grips with my perennials, & I defiantly will be attacking the weeds today or most likely the weeds will attack me.

I only have a small patch to work with, those who have a large scale garden are so lucky ! I'm renting a Grade II listed Georgian apartment. Called "The Whitehouse"

It's been restored to its former glory. Beautiful !

Since I've been poorly I've had no energy to do anything apart from moan... 🤗 so I've made a vow bought the flowers for our front door canopy & im gunna make it look brighter & welcoming. My mum loves fairy lights of all kinds so she's bought me some diamond ones that I can layer over the bushes.

I'll do a before & after picture & show you later on.

Hope you have a good day Lauren. Keep your head up & heart strong 🙂

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Doing things that you can to make your environment more welcoming and pretty goes a long way in helping you to feel better and "normal." Even when I'm at my worst, I try to do small things as much as I can. Rock on girl!

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They couldn't figure it out, so they labeled it idiopathic. Both times I would form firm but squishy lumps wherever their was a break in the skin and eventually burst if I wacked them or if pressure was applied. I also had a lump form at the biopsy site on clear skin. The lump biopsy went fine, but I was on prednisone at that point.

The thing is, if you're legs are filled with inflammation and you are not taking anything yet to treat it, the biopsy site might attract an autoimmune response and cause more inflammation. There is also the possibility that it was exposed to bacteria and that might be the start of an infection. In either case, it is probably wise to see a doctor who is familiar with your case.

The prednisone is amazing in that it resolves the inflammation in me so fast it is startling - the first time it happened, I peed out 25 lbs of inflammation in 3 weeks and the ulcers started healing really fast. And these are pretty low doses (rarely more than 60mg to start) and fast courses (one - two months) of treatment with prednisone. The lumps and nerve pain went away too, and it was six years before it happened again. The psoratic arthritis is a lot more stubborn, and it hangs on a lot longer.

The trouble is getting medical types to believe that it is all true - I have a hell of a time getting doctors to give me prednisone when I need it, and in the right amounts.

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Jeez! That must of been hell for you!

Your right about the inflammation part, & because I'm not taking anything for it things hit me for 6.

Like this biopsy infection-

Things last longer for me a common

Cold turns into the flu so I'm hoping this doesn't !

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Or it isn't a cold at all. I am pretty convinced I don't get flu and I rarely get common colds, but my sinuses are a misery and I am constantly having weird allergic responses all over me, even though I am not highly allergic to much but I am slightly allergic to many things (my baby doctor said he thought that I was allergic to myself). Right before each leg/lump/ulcer/swelling/nerve pain thing I became very very ill with a flu-like illness. High fever, crushing fatigue, everything ached. Stomach stuff too. They lasted 10 days the first time, three weeks the second. Three weeks after it was over the lumps started forming. Both incidents happened almost exactly day for day for each symptom. Both times my legs swelled on new years day!

So in at least my case I am sure the flu-like symptoms aren't the flu.

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I don't think mine is actually the flu, it's seems to happen every time I get something done. I get very poorly after tooth extractions too,

Last year I had over 12 drains in my tooth for a rotten abscess. The nerve itself was touching the sinus nerve. So I had chronic sinusitis, & a very large abscess I have to say I've never had pain like it, for a whole year I had sedation & drains. Umpteen Root canal treatments & restoration work on my mouth. My right side of my face used to swell up & the headaches were unbearable.

You can see in my right eye where the swelling is.. a permeant swelling remains & it's more prominent when I bend forwards.. diabolical with a sinus headache !

So I can empathise with anyone who has suffered sinusitis.

My mum struggled for 10 years with it, the sad thing is the doctors didn't believe her. Thought it was all psychosomatic. She struggled for a whole 10 years in pain, & they even admitted her into a psychiatric ward. She was there for 2 weeks.

In desperation my dad took her for a private consultation with a E.N.T specialist who took a scan on her sinus which revealed it was rotten & was pushing on her optical nerve. Her forehead & cheeks were full of poison. I was very young at the time & she managed to look after 2 young toddlers with excruciating pain & headaches. So she had a operation called trimming of the Inferior turbinates. Bless her how she managed I don't know.

My son who is 13 years old has started suffering with sinusitis.

I'd never wish it upon anyone it's terrible pain.

Does your nose trip when you bend forward ?

Do you get any horrible smells up your nose or a metal taste in your mouth?

Do you get pains behind your eyes? & blurry vision ?


Due for more treatment on my mouth but thankfully the abscess has gone. Took a whole year to get it sorted. But I had sinus issues in my teens & it wasn't the abscess that caused the sinusitis it just made a horrible issue much much worse.

I'm hoping that the E.N.T surgeon I'm due to meet will be able to help. I've never seen a specialist who deals with sinus's before so it's a new patch of grass.

I get creaking in my nose.. sounds funny but it's like sounds coming out of the bridge of my nose.

Plus I'm

Totally bedridden when I get a sinus infection.


So yeah I'm became antibiotic resistant with the last long sinus & kidney infection. I had so many & they stopped working..

It is tough when the pain is so bad, your head throbs.. you feel sick & exhausted & there is nothing in the world that can help it pass but time...

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The reason I honed onto the vasculitis diseases is because the first question my moron ex- rheumatologist asked was about how my sinuses are. I was born with sinus problems - they x-rayed my sinuses multiple times before I was a year old. They have always bothered me but rarely if ever are they actually infected. It usually starts with ear popping, then the pressure travels up into my sinuses and makes them swell. This then a causes pain to travel across my scalp, under the base of my skull, down my neck, and under my shoulder blades, where the spasms turn my muscles into rocks. If I don't take advil and sudafed it just keeps getting worse until I sleep, but even then it can start up againas soon as I wake up.

Some years have been better than others. Over the last year my sinuses would swell and deswell while I watched. So weird.

I had canker sores a lot when I was young, but my gums and tongue had a lot of sores since the leg stuff started - my gums got so bad within the year after the leg thing I had to have a lot of teeth pulled, and that set off a really bad psoratic arthritis flare, which took two months of prednisone to tamp back down.

I also have had blurry vision, flashes and pain in my eyes, and have had the feeling that the bridge of my nose is lose and creaky, and I had a bad metallic taste suddenly on and off, but it was worse before my teeth were pulled.

What all this means has never been figured out by any of the doctors I've seen, so that's why the idiopathic non-diagnosis.

Your poor Mom - did she have any other symptoms that you have?

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Hey Lauren,

To be born with sinus problems must of been a nightmare?! Even though you were to young to understand it fully it's still a lot to go through!

I was born with a squint which I had multiple eye surgeries to correct it by the age of 4 but yours sounds sooooo bad to happen b4 you were a year old.

From your symptoms you sound similar to me,

I've never had cranker sores but my gums were in a poor way so I had to have my mouth & teeth reconstructed.

I'd say over the last year I've had ear issues, popping, like I'm under water sounds, ringing & pressure. I've also had dried blood inside my ear & on my pillow at times. Unknown reason.

Ouch! Any pain across the scalp is agony.. can I ask what is Advil? Yes it's a big relief to fall asleep very difficult if your in so much pain, but it seems to come back with vengeance when you wake up.

My mum suffered so much, when she tells me the story I almost breakdown because if I think mines bad her's was horrific ! She had a chronic headache for months, pounding throbbing pulsating pain that never went away.

I confided in her, as my sinus headache before antibiotics lasted 2 weeks. I don't know how she managed to stay put for so long. It literally was 10 years of agony.

The days & months drag for me with a headache but to think she had what I have for years upon years everyday was literally scary.

She was tested for a auto immune disease. We both went to a rheumo most of my bloods came back positive.

My mum had a positive ANA but it worked out it was Thyroid playing up & she was on some medication at the time which messed up the test so she had the all clear of auto immune disease.

Basically I'm

The only one in my family that have all these exhaustive list of problems. My brothers are both healthy 23 & 29 year olds.

My dad who's 60 has joint issues. (Like me) just had a new knee replacement but now needs a whole new hip.

But all there bloods came back negative for auto immune diseases.

I think that's the things about being so different, my probs stemmed since birth & then as I got older I just never got better. It's one thing after the other. My brothers moan like babies when they get a stuffy nose or common cold (man flu) haha. And there's me with holes in my leg, multiple issues with my health literally half dead but still managing to crack a smile & I think wimps !! Lol

They have no pain thresh hold..

As I always say it's no competition, who's sicker than the other. We are all fighting our own unique battle. But when it comes to my siblings it's a catwalk of death.. I roll my eyes because it's immature.. there in bed most days, fit as a fiddle but choose to be lazy. They don't work even though they have so many opportunities handed to them..

Then there's me., I want to work I want to have what they have a normal happy go lucky life.. but I have no choice but to stay in bed, & stay at home.

They don't get it, & they probably never will. They hate that I'm sick, to me it's my curse.. But it's ok as I've realised over the years I was dropped out of the sky by a star seed. I'm unique & always will be a rare breed lol. I'm from another place & time. I wasn't born to fit in or built to break. X

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You go girl! Having this stuff makes us stronger inside. All the medical stuff your family has must be interconnected some how? You would think someone would find it significant?

My great grandmother on my dad's side seemed to have things similar to me, but she died before I was born, so who knows.

I do know that serious illnesses can wreak havoc on the family dynamic - not everybody is born with empathy unfortunately, and they may never get it. Your brothers sound like pieces of work. Maybe in some sick way they are jealous because you have a valid reason to have to take to bed and they don't?

Advil is motoring or ibuprofen. It is the only NSAID that does anything for me.

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Hey Lauren, I still think I'm adopted !! Haha.

Definitely does make us stronger ! I sang a song on my smule & posted it on here "titanium by sia" despite my body becoming weaker my mind is getting stronger.

Umm I definitely get my bad joints from my dad! & my mothers sinus hell!

My brothers are a piece of work, I think I'm going to go for counselling. I will admit I'm struggling to mentally cope with the way they are to me. I need to help myself.. as I have enough on my plate.

One thing that's always stuck out from all the things they've said is " your so lucky Laura" a huge argument broke out soon after my silence broke.

How am I lucky ??

I must of repeated it a few times to get an answer..

"I want what you have"

I'm normally very blunt but I couldn't say a word I just felt sick..

How could anyone want a life of suffering & pain!!

After several hours I was sat outside in my front garden swinging on the swing next to our river & I was still in complete disbelief !!

My one brother came over with a face of thunder stood over me & said

"I have dysmorphia"

I've always wanted a life threatening disease, I went to the doctor many of times, scans after scans procedure after procedure, test after test & every single result was perfectly normal! You on the other hand have it all ! Everything I wished for you got! I'm not happy with you Laura. It's not fair that you get to have it all !

With that I just walked away..

Dysmorphia or not there's something's you can't unsay & cannot forgive..

He's in control of what he says & does. He's 30 & very intelligent. My mum told me not to take it to heart, but it struck a nerve !

& I can't forget that day as much as I try too it just remains fresh in my mind.

So now when I have tests & stuff I don't speak it out loud, otherwise he's round me like a rash..

To me It's a curse..

Sorry for being so open about it. X

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Um...wow. That is pretty freaking twisted. I can only guess that (and I am way sure at all) that maybe he feels so bad inside, mentally and/ or physically, that he wishes that he had some kind of outward manifesting so that people could see on the outside how bad he feels and will finally help him?

A therapist is a good idea anyway when you are going through chronic illness, but doubly helpful to sort out that reaction. It just isn't normal.

However, I do have a friend that used to live with us, and he was so brutal to me when I was very, very sick that I had to kick him out.

He had extreme control issues that I believe at the core was based in his uncontrolled bulimia/cutting that he tried to keep hidden. He also started to horde as a way of taking over and controlling space.

Usually body dsymorphia does not exist in a vacuum - it usually comes hand in hand with a fairly serious disorder...

One way I try to deal with people like that is to mentally distance myself as much as I can so I can see what is really going on there without emotions clouding the view.

A better view of the situation might help you to build better defenses against his attacks and maybe they won't hurt as much if you find out that it is coming from a mental disease like addiction or OCD or bulimia.

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Thanks Lauren,

Yeah it's pretty weird !

I moved out so i do get a lot of distance. I'm not as frail as I used to be I used to let it grind me down but I think outside the box now.

I guess he has his reasons as to why he would want this, I still after 8 years am unsure as to why. He's rarely ill. I'd say once in a blue moon maybe. As much as he wants to be the way I am I would do anything to be physically healthy like him !

That's shocking about your friend. It's crazy what goes on behind closed door. No one really realises we have similar issues until one opens up.

I think the dysmorphia has been controlled over the years.

He had a psychotic phase at one point where he was uncontrollable, suicidal, volatile & unpredictable. His mood swings were some what horrific. & disturbing to some extent, I've put up with a good 10 year chunk of it.

My younger brother, has finally got clean. Alcohol dependent Nov 2015 he put me in hospital. Suspected broken neck, turned out I had internal bruising, broken rib, black eyes, half of the side of my face was bruised & grazed whiplash, split lip. 2 broken fingers & dislocated hip & shoulder. He pleaded guilty, a suspended sentence & 1 years probation. £60 compensation for me.

I see him most days. But I try to look forward not back.. x

I have suffered a lot,

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You certainly have enough qualifiers to get a lot out of Al Anon. I find it helps not only with dealing with people who are addictive, dry or not, but also the people who can't deal with your illness and act out negatively.

If there aren't meetings in your area I can give you a number for the phone bridge, but in person meetings are better.

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That's the place I've been trying to find the name too !!!!

Your a Life saver thanks Lauren!

Al Anon ! ⭐️

Yes I made an enquiry a few years back when things were quite bad. But yes I will go to a meeting, they have one near me !

Omg so happy now you've mentioned it been wracking my brains with what the place was called!

Relief thank you x

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It has been a life saver for me - along with AA (I'm a double winner - woo!), but in general Al Anon has been most helpful for me in dealing with how I engage with people. Particularly in regards to my mystery illnesses. Try going to a few different meetings to find the best fit for you, but I hope all of them work for you - more support is more support ☺️

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I'm glad it's helped you, & you've benefited greatly from it.

It's hard to juggle every thing at once. Both of my siblings have calmed down since 2015 but when odd things happen it's like a seed is planted..

I'll give them a call later support is a crutch we all need sometimes x

Thanks Lauren. X

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Well AA isn't really useful unless you have an addiction. And it is hard to fit it all in, but sometimes you find it gives you more energy.. But do what ever you can to be good to yourself xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Of course, but if any group meetings are accessible it's a good things to have extra support.. AA wouldn't be useful to me personally but Al Anon would be, I think they have a group for those effected by an addict. That's where I'd fit in..

I'm very proud of myself today I managed to decorate my Georgian canopy with silk flowers & my one & only friend Janette came over to plant some flowers with me. It looks so pretty, I'm now chilling & resting my poorly leg.

Yes your right you have to do what's best for yourself. I'm always helping others so it will be nice to have something to do to help myself cope x

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Good for you sweetie :-)

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Just seen this and looks sore. I had one done on my foot ladt year and took ages to heal. I hope all goes well for you. May I ask the need for them to do this. Are you waiting for confirmation of whats wrong?


Hey Lou1972

Thank you for commenting,

It's still very sore, I had it done a week today. Got another week to go. Ouch did you !! The Foots gotta hurt! Did you get a diagnosis from yours, ? I'm on antibiotics but it doesn't seem to be working. My skin around it has started to peel off.. leaving raw flesh .

Yes of course ask away :)

Yes I am, I've suspected Vasculitis - GPA, & I'm having a range of multiple diagnostic tests, so yep waiting for my biopsy result, as the first one they performed was on a old lesion with dead skin..

This one started off as a small lesion & became ulcerated. So I have had 3 4mm punch Biopsies on it. so I expect it too be sore but not to the point where I'm considering cutting my leg off lol !!

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I was diagnosed that year after 4 biopsies that I have Cutaneous Vasculitis. I have been like this since february 2015 and currently having a bad episode. I was getting on the mend as was on Colchicine but mid May it all kicked off again. Getting drpressed with it. Feet swollen loads this time and due to take youngest to concert on sunday and feel annoyed with myself that I am going to be in pain and itchy legs. What symptoms do you have. My foot took about 4 months to clear as got infection had a hole in my foot and had to have special plasters on. X


Hey Lou,

Sorry for late reply, totally wiped out after gardening today.. been sleeping.

4 biopsies... crikey ! Right I've read up on Cutaneous Vasculitis. Does your lesions itch? That's quite a while to spend suffering, plus it's bound to make you feel down.. I was in a very dark place before I found health unlocked V.UK. It's helped me so much.

It's a shame to hear you were doing well & then fell ill again. I suppose it's like a rollercoaster isn't it., our emotions go up and down with our bodies.

A hell of a lot to juggle & still master the energy to smile.

Swollen feet is familiar, only recently & it's horrible & I can sympathise with you,

I think also when you have children you have to grin & bare it., my sons 13 years old & hates me being so ill, we make plans & sometimes I can & cant go.

Your bound to feel annoyed but it isn't your fault, you can't help how your feeling. ❤️

My symptoms.. umm it's an exhaustive list but I'll cut it short., promise 🤗

7 years ago it started. I fell ill with a classic purpuric rash, aching joints, multiple infections starting with my kidneys, reoccurring infections, extreme tiredness, aching deep in my bones. Literally weak & limp for months. Rash turned from dots to lesions to huge ulceration & raw open holes in my legs. That went on for 7 months. I got no answers no help. I don't know how I coped or got through it but I did., it slowly started to go away..

After that for the years in between I suffered chronic sinusitis, pleurisy, asthma, swollen legs, headaches, blurred vision, hair loss, & thinning.

Felt very low at times & felt like giving up..

So to cut it short Xmas 2016 i started to go down hill, I had a very long existing kidney infection, ended up passing blood & protein, passed a stone at home which took 4 weeks. Developed a rash, lesions on my legs, lost a stone in weight by end of January 2017, no appetite, breathing difficulties, swollen legs. Blue & purple blotches on limbs. Cold hands & feet, high blood pressure when I've always had low. Cardiac rapid heart rate at rest, palpitations 140bpm mostly. Night sweats

Vision issues.. lost my superior sight end of Feb had a TIA due to blood clot found on Valentine's Day. Sticky blood, ummmm... CT scan revealed Multiple Granulomas in my lungs, basically this time last year I looked & felt my best.. I turned 30 July 24th & soon after I gradually became the shadow I am today.. I miss the old me very much.



Lou1972, I just read your post on your page. 💔 I'm

Always here if you want to talk to anyone I'm

A great listener, think id rather talk about someone else's health than my own, I'll help any way I can im here Any time any hour, just letting you know your not alone xx


Bless you. I sometimes wonder is there light at rhe end odof the tunnel. Yes my lesions very itchy. I keep running ice cold water om them to stop my blood getting hot which then starts the itching. My veins and blood vessels are getting blocked and when the blood builds and cant move thats when the itching starts

I sleep downstairs so I dont annoy anyone as I am.up more in the night as thats when at it's worst.

I habe 3 children. 19 years 17 years amd 10. They are my world and great in helping and understanding. My husband on the other hand looks at me in disgust at rimes becuase of the way my legs are. This is what brings me down. If I had a magic wand to get better then of course I would use it. Just months of meds ans appointments to not get very far x


I found some light. It's there but it's like trying to find a diamond in the rough... you just gotta keep looking for it.

Awe that must be agonising for you, you tried cold patches ? I know this sounds weird. But a cool & soothe patch for migraines works wonders on my swollen feet. Ice packs only seem to sting.. that sounds so terrible.. I really feel for you.

At least you can stretch out when your downstairs.. but I have done that too. Putting others before myself.

Awe great ages ! I'm so glad they help & understand.

I'm sorry to hear that your husband does that.. that's not nice for any women..I am ashamed of my legs.. but my partner embraces them.

I'm horrible to myself about the way they are but he doesn't care he's just glad I'm still here.

You can't help how your legs look, it's crap when someone judges you based on there own ignorance., I'm not surprised that brings you down as I sure would feel the same..

Well I do... people stare, strangers stare, it's my so called family and Ex friends who's words have humiliated me beyond repair, I've tried everything to cover my scars from my lesions but nothing works. I hate the way I feel about myself.. but I/we have to remember that other people's perceptions of us is not the same of what we think about ourselves.

If I found a magic wand I'll send it to you in the post :) 🌠 sorry you feel like you haven't got very far, just think your way ahead of me Hun

I've gotta catch up.. x


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