Does anyone have varicose veins and how did they start. Did they appear years before other symptoms?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has, or had varicose veins,and did they appear before the vasculitis diagnosis or other symptoms?

 This has always been a mystery to me..

As a 12 year old I had severe calf cramps every night,and continued to have them where Varicose veins suddenly appeared after a night of cramp when I was 18 yrs old and slim( I understand they can develop being overweight). My GP at the time said they would go,they didn't, and due to discomfort the 'bunch of grapes' were stripped some years later. I continued to experience cramp almost every night into my late 30's, and the said calf remaining tender ever since.Many symptoms have occurred in the 10+ years since to take over my life,and I get cramp only  occasionally now,but no one has ever known the reason for the varicose veins all those years ago. So many now unexplained symptoms,but back then there was only one.

Thanks x


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