Asthma or not?

Hello, is it possible to have asthma if you are at 100% oxygen? I've been felling short if breath that gets worse at night or walking. I also feel a tight chest not sure if it is my chest or my abdomen that feels tight since I've been diagnosed with acid reflux. My doc said I can't have asthma bc I am at 100% oxygen. However, I'm a little doubtful with her reasoning. I also have nasal congestion tho Nothing comes out and a bit of mucus buildup in my throat but it doesn't seem infection related since I always have it and it is not a lot/not a specific color. I have been told I have anxiety but I'm not sure if this is anxiety related bc I feel like it happens even when I'm not anxious.

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  • K---7

    When you say your getting 100percent pure oxygen, Please explain. You also reported you may have anxiety, have you ever kept a diary of your asthma attacks or when you have difficulty breathing? Sometimes, until we look back at our day we don't realize we are having the same thing happen example: people I talk with onthe phone, watching a certain tv program ,maybe it getting dark , even someone sugesting a daily log .

    I don't know about you but I'll try anything "most anything" if it helps . It is 4:19 am and I had to get up and do a treatment. Sometimes we just have trouble breathing .

    Take care and give it a try .

  • My doc checked my oxygen levels through the thing you put on your finger and said I was at 100% oxygen

  • When ever I go into the emergency room or into a doctors apt they say my oxygen is at 100% but I was still diagnosed with asthma, but I also have anxiety soo.. idk

  • Do you cough with your asthma?

  • No I don't have a cough with mine

  • Hmm okay thanks neither do I. I'm still not sure whether it is anxiety or asthma

  • I'm still not sure either so I'm treating both! It could be a combo! Like anxiety triggered asthma attacks or asthma attack triggered anxiety! I'm making apt to talk to therapists to see what they say!

  • You may have been aggravated by something and will probably need Prednisone meds for 7 to 10 days. As it seems from your descriptions in the posts, you do have some sort of asthma and will need to see a specialist to get it under control. A family doctor will not be able to assist with your symptoms. This is what I had to do as I'm 59 years of age and have had asthma all of my life. Family doctor refered me to a pulmonary doctor and I'm much better now with my asthma. Try it.

  • Please get a referral to a pulmonologist. Acid reflux and GERD can cause Vocal Cord Dysfunction which mimics asthma. Research it online. Keep a journal and list foods, meds, and when you get symptoms. Also look very closely at the sIde effects for all medications that you're taking. I was misdiagnosed (intentionally I believe) with asthma and have been on toxic meds with horrible side effects for 6 long years. I have suffered terribly. I don't want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. Go see an ENT if you know a reputable one. They can check for issues with your vocal cords. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  • What is vocal cord dysfunction? I have cough variant asthma and acid reflux. I have a lot of mucus- but it’s always clear - but abundant.

  • Is your voice hoarse or barely audible?? Larynx can be affected by acid reflux and will trigger asthma. Recent bouts, doc put me on trial of proton inhibitor. Though I have no symptoms of acid reflux, he felt the steroid in nebulizer may be causing this reaction.

    I have that clear mucous more when I get up in am.

    Still on trial time. But I don't get wheezing with asthma attack. I will have hoarse and increasing difficulties talking. Other signs too, but this responds to rescue inhaler and breathing techniques.

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