so sorry for the delay lovies <3 but the holiday and that that jazz was rather crazy :) so my PFT came back normal (which i guess if your on team mom that great) but if you side with me(and think logically) (sorry had to say it) (love you mom<3) then youre at a point of like "well what the bloody hell do we do now?"*ive adopted a british accent recently but i drop it if the wording gets difficult lol* we've also recently split up into "teams" but you dont have to lmao :) honestly when you have literally almost every single symptom (except for the wheezing *i never wheeze*) it makes you think, you know? thats how my bipolar disorder was(by the way im bipolar lol) i had every symptom except for the grandiose thoughts and i ended up getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder.... so knowing my luck, this asthma will probably be like that..... i told my primary care doctor(well certified nurse practitioner) all the stuff (like what triggers it, what makes it better, how long ive had the symptoms, you know all that jazz... and she wants me to come in to be seen, so it must be bad :( :0 hell the tight chested-ness is all the time(more or less -still brought on by certain things...made better by the rescue inhaler.... what do y'all think?


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