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so i had to go to the ER saturday night because i couldnt breathe all that well... but anyway so i get there (for the first time i had a paramedic actually believe me) (wooohoo!!) (for those of you just tuning in, i never have paramedics believe me :( it pisses me off all the freaking time) so anyhow, the ER people do all these freakin tests (i keeled over during the chest x-ray and had like 10 nurses on me in like 5 seconds) i freaking told those radiology people i couldnt freakin breathe..... but anyhow (im trying to keep this as short as possible)... they get me back on the bed ( they got the shots they needed apparently) and then like had to get blood from me, which is like ok whatever i cant freaking breathe anyway... but then like an hour or so later a different lady comes in and says they have to get blood again and im like i just did and she was like it came out too slow and im like FML but ok and she finally get the blood she needs and she said this time it came out ok :) so then i wait like three or four or fuck knows how many more hours and then the nurse finally comes back in and says that everything came back fine and that it was probably just an anxiety attack and to follow up with my primary care doctor.... (ive had SEVERAL anxiety attacks, the paramedics dont take me to the ER for them... well the first one they did... but that was before we moved in with moms new boyfriend.... ) this felt Just like an asthma attack... tight chest, couldnt breathe in Or out, cough that just couldnt (or wouldnt go away)*still wont go away* ,couldnt catch my breath...hell its wednesday night and i still have to be careful of what i do... if i walk to fast i get that tight feeling and i cant breathe :( my CNP (nurse practitioner) thinks i may have asthma..... my mom and her boyfriend are convinced that its anxiety :(

whos right? what do y'all think?

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  • You could have both. I do. It's not uncommon for me to have an anxiety attack if I CAN'T BREATHE for Pete's sake! But mostly if I am having an issue with anxiety first, my breathing, if it's affected at all, it's a much milder reaction. Asthma and stress are definitely often related.

  • yeah that sounds a LOT like me :/ i have anxiety :/ i have a PFT with a LOT of stuff included (ie spirometry etc etc etc) on the 16th and im really nervous :( :0

  • The one thing with asthma is that it is (for the most part) reversed with a bronchodilator. Anxiety wouldn't. And another thing, anxiety can lead to an asthma attack.

  • The only way to tell if you have asthma is to have a test and it will show for sure, also panic attacks and asthma goes hand in hand. Sorry you are feeling bad I have both and asthma will also make your back hurt, and get very weak. Good luck.

  • I have both. I take Singular, Advair, Spiriva, Zyrtec (2x daily), and Flonase for my asthma and it still it is no where near controlled. I am on Prednisone tapper at least once a month (2 times in 2 weeks right now with Kenalog shots twice). I also take Effexor and Xanax for anxiety. Over time I have been able to differentiate between what starts first so I can treat it appropriately. If my asthma flairs and it gets severe my anxiety is much harder to control. When my asthma gets severe I end up in the ER and admitted. I'll end up with IV meds for asthma and anxiety.

  • Hi , I was diagnosed with asthma September 2016 . I've been to er 5 times since first times was asthma. They did breathing treatment. The next 2 times were panic attacks . I pulled off Highway because my chest was tight. My arms and legs were tingling so bad . I was shaking so bad . I dialed 911 when they got there BP was 200 / 100 . The pirimetic said it was a panic attack. He gave me a stethoscope so I could hear the difference when I breathe. He was a angel sent ! The next er visit keep me there 5 days. So many testing and so happy for my new pulmonary Doctor. He is doing everything test he also is a cardiologist. 2 weeks later er again another 911 call . It was a panic attack. Asthma and panic attacks almost same symptoms for me . I'm now on short term disability for 6 months . Trying to get this asthma under control.

  • I don't know about panic attacks except it's easy to have ppl think asthma attacks are PA when you don't wheeze. I don't wheeze but neither do a lot of asthmatics. I may have pressure on the sternum ad ribs or rapid breathing or one of those weird ones where I get spacey and odd sensations of bronchoconatriction in my lungs and start to have tingling and numbness. When that kind happens it's easy to panic because you feel like you are going to die. I found out that slowing my breathing way down and even using a paper bag after doing my nebulizer can get it to calm down. Usually takes two to four hours to really pass and then I am wiped out physically and have a hard time for a few days recovering from the inflammation. Sob walking to the bathroom, repeat symptoms needing my inhaler, etc. I had one February 4th from gas fumes and I'm still trying to get off the prednisone. I've had to call out two days since then and been to the doctors four times since. I've started using my mask when I gas up and standing away from the car, I keep air intake on recirculate, no windows down ever, mask up in parking lots and I just have to guard myself for triggers!

    Document your activity, your symptoms, med use and food intake on a daily basis. Figure out what triggers you and perhaps you will get some answers. You can't treat PA and asthma the same so this could really help you. Good luck dear.

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