Questionnaire for parents with children that have exercise-induced asthma

Hello everyone,

My name is Raf Erriu and I'm currently conducting a research on children that suffer from exercise-induced asthma. Currently there's a game being developed that can help with breathing exercises that can reduce complications from exercise induced Asthma. If you’re a parent that has a child with exercise-induced asthma then I would like to ask you kindly if you want to fill in my questionnaire. With the questionnaire we are trying to collect information to see what the exact needs of the parent and child are. It will only take couple of minutes, and by filling in this questionnaire you can be one of the first people to obtain this new breathing exercise game. More information about this can be found at the end of the survey. The information that you provide us with can help us greatly improve the game for you and your child and is much appreciated.

Thank you for your time. If you know any parents that have children with exercise-induced asthma then please share this questionnaire with them.


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  • RafResearch

    I am not a parent of an asthmatic child. Instead, I have asthma myself. I'm now 69. I've had asthma since I was 6. I am a distance runner. At times, my asthma was so bad I could not run. It was breathing exercises that enabled me to run again. I do two types of breathing exercises- the Peaceful Warrior Workout ( and sun salutes ( I've written a book that explains all the strategies I use as a distance runner with asthma, "Running With Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir." It is available on I'd like to know more about your game. Perhaps you can incorporate some of my strategies in your game. Please contact me at

    Yours for better breathing,

    John Terry McConnell