Adult Asthma diagnosed at 42

Hello.  I am new here and wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with adult onset asthma or know someone who has?  I got bronchitis last winter and it took 4 different medications to finally get over it.  I had a burning heaviness in my chest after that, but my oxygen sat was at 100% and heart rate normal, so I was sent to Pulmonologist for more tests.  He asked about asthma, but no typical signs were there.  My GP did prescribe Abluteral/Flovent while I had Brinchitus, but they didn't seem helpful, and no wheezing was ever present.  Also, I had no changes in my environment, and no allergy symptoms.  Perplexed, a CAT was ordered.  Long story short (a lesion on mediastinum, a small nodule on R lung, and a spot on breast were found), but burning, heaviness and exhaustion did not go away.  They tried to order a PET, but my lovely insurance denied it 3 times.  I had a bronchioschopy to rule out cancer, then finally, was sent for a asthma test!!! Lol.  Yep.  Could only get through 3 of the 8 "poisons".  Now, I feel the "heaviness" in my chest still all the time.  Not really ever an "attack" per day, as much as a, I can hardly breath and at night it's worse I wish this would go away kinda feeling all the time. It's like having asthma that never gets relieved.  I'm always tired.  So far, no inhaler has helped (they tried Brio and Dulera). Oh, and I'm allergic to steroids :/. They are a bit perplexed only bc obviously the inhalers should be relieving symptoms (right?) and I'm exhausts that is weird (right?) and I can't work I'm a music and movement teacher at a preschool I'm only 42 years old (right?) and my stats are normal (right?). Ok. Anyone? Thanks!

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  • Hello Adult Asthma,  I am 65 and can't breathe chest pains and went through all tests for the heart.  I researched and then told my doctor it might be asthma.  I live in a house that is covered in mold and with all the rain it only gets worse. Like you the asthma meds were not really helping.  Check your house for mold. Even the little you see around during your tub. Get rid of it. 

  • Thanks. Just had a mold test done. Not a huge problem, but getting dehumidifier in basement might help a bit.  Still, having to quit work and not being able to sing or dance at my age, all of a sudden, is a big shocker.  Hoping allergist has some ideas.  Appreciate the reply-k

  • I know what you mean. You can get hoarse from the coughing and it's hard to sing when your lunge capacity is d imitation lung

  • It should read. Lung capacity is diminished

  • If you continue to live in an environment that triggers your asthmà, then the meds won't help that much.

  • Im knew to this too I'm on Advair,nothing else worked,all happen after a 2 months of bronchitis. Really upset. 

  • It gets hard for me at night too,  that's when I'm at my worst with my breathing,  most of the time the meds don't do much for me either. 

  • So far, it seems like the meds have made it worse for me personally.  I am headed back to the Pulmonologist next week and he will probably give me a sample of something new to try, but his solution seems to be "if it is too hard to breathe, try breathing exercises or if that doesn't work, go to the ER".  Yep, good stuff.

  • I think I would go to an allergist. I think he would be more helpful.

  • There are two types of inhalers. A rescue inhaler you use for an attack and a maintenance inhaler you take every day. You need one that you take daily, not jusr when you have àn attack. There are many out there. To manage your asthmà you need to take the maintenance inhaler every day whether you have àn attack or not.

  • You can try Advair, Symbicort. I took Advair for a whole, but eventually they become ineffective. I am now on Symbicort and it is working. The maintenance inhalers seem to be pricey. I believe I paid almost $60 after insurance. Try to get them to give you a sample to try before you waste your money and find out that it was ineffective. The drug salesmen usually always leave samples, but if you aren't going to a specialist, he may not have samples unless he has many patients he treats for asthma. Check it out.

  • Please talk to your Pulmonologist re Nucala. I had similar symptoms and the monthly injection helped a lot. Still doing Symbicort daily but only 2 puffs instead of 4. Stay positive and be well.

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