Intro & 2-Year Journey

Hi everyone.

I am a new in this community group.

Just want to say "Hi" and share a little experience about how important to stay up-to-date about your condition and knowledge before heading to doctor office. This can make sure that you ask the right question and hit the target.

I was having nasal allergy and asthma symptoms (coughing & chest tightness) for months in 2014. My primary care thought it's caused by allergy only and put me on Flonase and Albuterol as need. After a few trip of urgent care (worsting symptoms at night), the UC doctor put me on singulair for over a year.

I did some researches (e.g. WebMD, scholar journals, forums) and read couple of reference books (both in English or not) regarding asthma and allergy. Then I noticed that you still can have asthma with normal pulmonary result and no wheezing. So I discussed this concern to my primary care with symptom diary. Finally, I was referred to allergist in Nov 2015 and confirmed the diagnosis of cough-variant asthma (a mild form of asthma per my allergist) and non-allergic rhinitis.

My allergist has been proactive about my concern and condition. I got a shot of Kenalog and short course of prednisone after confirming the diagnosis. I was on QVAR for 3-month due to side effect of singulair (nightmare & emotional swing). Now I am well-controlled and recently off the maintenance med (only keep my Flonase) for 3-week observation. I keep updating with my doctor if there is question or change of condition.

Wish you find this post useful :-)


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  • Hi JNZC! 

    Thanks for starting conversation on this very new community! 

    I'm glad you shared your experience and hope too, that other members will find it useful.

    I hope you'll share more of your journey and drive a discussion with other members.

    Stay healthy!

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