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I’m not certain if I’m hypoglycaemic or not. I have almost fainted some days, then had a little something to eat and boost. I have also been known to cry if I haven’t eaten enough or had food with enough energy to last me. It doesn’t happen everyday. Sometimes it bad and sometimes I don’t have a single symptom for days. So i don’t know? Also, if I feel like fainting, all I have to do is sit down for a while. I’ll be quite shaky for a while but I never faint because I always sit down.

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(Also a lot of dizziness and disorientation. Sweating, shakiness, hunger, headache, clumsiness, muscle weakness, blurry vision, and confusion.

Ps:I’m not in fact diabetic. )

That sounds very much like hypo to me - have you actually been tested for diabetes? If not, perhaps it would be a good idea, but would certainly be a good idea to discuss these symptoms with your GP. At the very least, eating small amounts at regular intervals might help.

Ok. Thank you very much!🙂