My symptoms


I have bad anxiety but I’m calm and it can’t be that... had blood test 3 months ago and dr says my sugar is bit high.

Went on holiday and every pint I drink I feel so weird like high

Now my chest shaky,

Vision shaky

Feel sick at times

Even I lost a stone


Heart beating fast at times

Going to the loo a lot

I’m contacting the dr for another blood test as I think it’s high sugar..

Had anyone experience this

As it’s horrible as it feels like I’m dying or scared summat going to happen to u

Hope to hear some feed backs to put my mind at rest

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  • You describe both high and low symptoms and the difference is sometimes tricky ... did they do a glucose tolerance test? Also see if you can do a self test at home for when you feel the symptoms ... I do remember having low sugar episodes and the blurred vision rapid heart beat and the consequential anxiety feels awful ... I hope you feel better soon ...