Diabetes gone?

I have type 2 diabetes. I have been treating my high blood sugar with insulin for the past six months. I have recently been experiencing a lot of hypoglycemic events. In light of this, I stopped using insulin. I have been testing my body/pancreas out and my blood sugar is completely normal. I know this is only a fluke as my numbers usually go over 200 if I eat certain foods. But today I ate four slices of pizza and my blood sugar only went to 114 and then right back down to under 100 after two hours. The same happened yesterday after eating 100 grams of carbohydrates. The only thing that has changed recently is that I have been dealing with whacked out high blood pressure. I recently started Lisinopril for that. I don't know if using insulin has given my pancreas enough of a break to kick start my metabolism or what. Also, I have been eating mostly one meal a day and doing a lot of fasting. I'm going to continue to see how long my pancreas works. I kind of like not having to inject insulin. I may also modify my diet more. I don't eat 100 crabs a day every day, but just doing this a few days a week is not ideal. My last A1C was 5.4 and my cholesterol is normal now. I am on Statins for this as well. Maybe this is just a fluke and my high BG numbers will be back. If not, I need to keep this going. It is giving me a little bit of hope that maybe one of my health conditions can be controlled without meds. I am however still taking 2000 mgs of Metformin daily. I know I need this to hold down my fasting blood sugars. I will keep you guys posted with my progress. I just wanted to ask you all of this seems weird to you? Maybe my meter is busted? Who knows.

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  • Latest options for treatment of Type II Diabetes By Stem Cell Activator cream application .

    Diabetes is a silent killer which affects more than 69 million (6.9) cores Indian. Which is more than8.7 per cent of the adult population with an average onset age of 42.5 years . In 2015 there were 72 core patients of diabetes in which 3.5 core were without tests in the latest survey . Diabetes is a disease which come due to lack of exercise , not taking proper food and tension . In diabetes 2 the insulin levels are normal in blood . This means the pancreatic beta cells work normally & secrete insulin in normal amount . In diabetes 2 the glucose can not go inside the cells & tissues , because there is some resistance or blockage at the cell wall or in the extra cellular fluid level . This is called insulin resistance. Due to insulin resistance the glucose level increases in the blood . This is called diabetes.

    After many years the disease increases even after diet control , taking allopathic medicines & injections. When we take any medicines or injections they first go to blood. Then they go at the cell and tissue level . But there is already blockage and resistance at the cell wall or extra cellular fluid . As the time passes the beta cells of pancreas decrease the insulin production and become inactive ( Not Dead , these beta cell of pancreas can be revived when conditions are favorable) . in obese patients beta cells of pancreas produce the less insulin. Etiology of obese patient is deposition of fatty layer around beta cells .As the time passes ,control over diabetes decreases and complications of diabetes involving eyes heart kidney micro and macro vessels.


    In our body stem cells are present in bone , body fat , subcutaneous tissues and in muscles. As we get older the stem cells are destroyed due to virus , heavy metals poisonous gaseous substance from pesticide & insecticide , enzymes, infections, tissue wear and tear. Due to this glucose metabolism become less and insulin can not work so sugar increases in blood .Stem cell activator therapy is a new therapy. It has been develop for the treatment of diabetes type 2(Maturity onset) . Many patients have been benefited by this therapy and enjoying happy and healthy life.

    About Treatment & how it works:

     Stem cell activator cream activates small vessels (capillaries ) of blood and last ends of nerves and nervous plexuses and stem cells around these . After stimulation they send the signals to spinal cord and brains and they releases the hormones. These hormones relaxes the capillaries and nervous plexuses and stimulate the stem cells , so that glucose metabolism is corrected. Application of stem cell activator cream is a new therapy which is no less than some miracle for type 2 diabetes patients. The persons own stem cells are activate to regenerate & stimulate cells & tissues. The treatment benefits the patients on drugs & insulin so that they are living healthy & happy life. It is a revolutionary treatment for diabetes 2 patients as it is natural. This application of stem cell activator body cream ,the resistance & blockage at cell wall and extra cellular level is removed so that glucose can go inside the cell. The glucose utilization occurs & the beta cells of pancreas starts secreting insulin & thus it reverses disease process of diabetes. ]

    Why is krishna ‘s complexion depicited as blue when he is actually black ?

    This treatment is a new discovery its starting was at the time of dwapar yug . Think that God Krishna is shown blue, when his original colour was black, may be he used some applications (like body cream) . At that time there were no tablets & injections . This stem cell activator body cream treatment also have no tablets & injections .


    Patient is required to send the following items:

    1. Bottle of petroleum jelly (any brand) 200 ml

    2. Alovera facial gel 200 ml ( any brand)

    3. Coconut oil (Parachute 200 ml)

    How to apply cream :

     We will add stem cell activators to prepare the application (like body cream) to reduce your sugar level. We will send back this prepared stem cell cream to you. After taking bath application is to be applied all over the body & let it absorb for few minutes before wearing clothes . Blood Sugar levels are monitored regularly, within 3-5 days levels start decreasing. The medicines are reduced gradually within a week, can even be stopped after normal sugar levels are attained. Patients on insulin injections are also benefitted by this therapy. Prescribed use can also stop need of insulin injection. The ultra - moisturizing power of smooth stem cell activator cream nourishes very dry skin and intensely revitalizes new life for your skin and leaves feeling like silk .

    Note: Treatment is free of cost for first 15 days.

    (Only Courier charges Apply)

    For the treatment point of view we divide the diabetes in three types :

    1. Mild : with diet control / without diet control and obese / non obese / only on Metformin tablet .

    2. Moderate : with diet control /without diet control and obese / non obese on other drugs .

    3. Severe : with diet control / without diet control and obese / non obese / other drugs and inject able insulin .

    Advantages of this Therapy :

    1. Dietary restrictions are relaxed.

    2. You can be safe guarded from diabetic complications. as Sugar levels are controlled the eyes , liver , heart & kidney damage is prevented.

    3. There are no side effects , no injections or oral medicines are given.

    4 By this treatment relief is gradual but permanent as compared to medicines which are increased gradually.

    5 The ultra - moisturizing power of smooth stem cell activator cream nourishes very dry skin and intensely revitalizes new life for your skin and leaves feeling like slik .

    Contact : Dr. Ajay Madan (M.B.B.S ( MD )(IVF Specialist)

    Manya Madan ( Stem cell Specialist)

    Contact No. 9729376661 T.B. hospital road , Near jagadhri gate Ambala City.

    Consult our experts for further query.

    Kindly Fill the below Per-forma for treatment:

    1. Name/ age/ gender

    2. Disease/Current symptoms & complaints/ Laboratory tests/ Medicines taken/ Insulin injection

    3. Mobile No./E- Mail address/Your city & country

    4. Alcohol /non alcoholic, Vegetarian / non vegetarian, Daily exercise routine.

    5. Daily Hygine Routine ( Soap, Liquid, soap/Body Oil/Moisturizer/Cream).

  • You may NOT be a type-2. You could be a type1 or type-1.5 (aka LADA, or slow onset type-1 in honeymoon phase) How long ag were you diagnosed? Many people are MISdiagnoised as type-2 when they are actually a type-1 or 1.5.


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