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Pre-diabetes and just started exercise


Hi everyone, I have just joined the group and I have recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I am trying to find ways to prevent the development of diabetes so have just started an exercise programme (using the iPrescribe exercise app) and I am also changing my diet as I would like to lose 3 stone. It really difficult to make so many lifestyle changes at once so I'd appreciate any advice/motivation!

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Yes a lifestyle change is always a tough road. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. The key thing is just to take one part of your life at a time to make the adjustment. You will hear this a lot, drink more water. Take it easy when you first start to exercise, hurting yourself will only make it worse. Lastly DO NOT allow this to emotionally control you. It's your life and with adjustments little by little you can do this. As far as motivation, it is always good to have an accountability partner or group. Someone you talk to and encourage you along the way. I hope this helps.

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