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So i am a bus driver in NYC. I am out of my house about 18 hours a day, with a 6 hour layover and 1hour commute each way on the road about 10 hours. Average about 5 hours sleep. Eating what i can while on the road. No time for exercise (too tired) . started feeling bad, unquenchable thirst, sluggish, peeing "ALLOT" blurry vision to name a few symptoms. Went to ER last Wednesday BP 170/102 BS 750. Needless to say i got there just in time. Learned i haf type2, now on insulin and 6 other oral med. 5 dsys later numbers r improving. Trying to get any information that can help me fight this disease. I've been working out for two days eating much better trying to stay this way. Any advice or encouragement would b appreciated.

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Hi, I feel your pain! Type2 diabetic working 16 hour days. I feel like I live in my car. I started carrying apples in the car to keep me away from gas station snacks. When the weather is cool, I even carry carrots or other cut veggies. They keep well for a day or two. If you surround yourself with good snacks, you'll slip up less often. Its really hard especially if you're like me and have a sweet tooth. Oh, that reminds me that I also keep sugarless gum around. Best of luck to you.


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