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Is Diabetes reversible

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I am new to this forum, hence apologize if this seems elementary or has been discussed earlier.

My understanding is that diabetes has to be managed through diet and exercise. However, recently I have come across some websites that suggest that it is reversible and one could be "cured" of diabetes. Any thoughts?

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Diabetes is not exactly a disease .It is a combination of symptoms developed over a period of time due to wrong life style and eating habits . If the symptoms are set right before it is too late we can save the beta cells , the pancreas and the immunity system . In that sense diabetes is reversible.

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Thanks. How do we find if we are at a stage where the beta cells can be saved or not?

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in type 1 diabetes it is rather difficult to ascertain the loss of beta cells and the regeneration . But in type 2 ,we can very easily deduce that the betacell loss is very high when the sugar levels go up 300 or more .Then a drastic reduction in high carb intake , in fact reduction the total intake of food , whether it is carbs or fats curtails the loss of beta cells . It further gets accentuated by taking fenugreek seeds , black cumin seeds beriberin ,bittr melon ,curcumin Gymnema sylvester etc .Healthy nutrient diet in limited quantity , exercise of 15 minutes per day ,stress free life decreas normal blood glucose levels where by pressure on beta cells is reduced .A decreas in glucose levels not only stops beta cell loss but also helps in regeneration of destroyed beta cells . As of now there are no medicines for this except change of life style and intake of herbs like Gymnema , tinaspora , aloevera , fenugreek , vitamin d.

My current understanding is that it might be reverssible by keeping the remaining beta cells alive and possibly improve them. There is disagreement between scientists on this issue. But generally they disagree even on the real causes and mechanisms of diabetes.

By the time, someone is diagnosed with diabetes a certain percentage of beta cells has already beed destroyed by chronically elevated blood sugar. This can either be caused by excessive eating (99% of people eat more than we need) and/or chronic stress.

Because of the above, the beta cells have been working too hard for a long time - possibly 10 years or so. This causes exchaustion and failure of some beta cells. My current understanding many people get diagnosed when about 40-50% of the beta cells have already died.

So what would be a possible cure - I only belive in natural cure not medication because of the side effects?

1. Give your pancreas a break for at least 1 year:

This can be achieved by three means.

1.1 Eating low carb diet.

Because it is mostly carb that increases insulin production (protein does also but to a lesser extent), eating low carb will definitely give your beta cells the break they need.

You will also be able to manage your blood sugars better than with medication alone especialy if you are newly diagnosed.

By eating low carb, your body switches to burning fat within hours and if you don't eat enough carbs, the body will continue burning fat all the time. You will loose weight and also help your pancreas to recover in the long run.

1.2 Intermitten fasting:

Intermittent fasting for at least 1 year can help in two ways.

a) Fasting in the best way to reduce blood sugars. After 6-8 hours fasting there is no longer enough sugar (glucogen) in your muscle or liver to produce glucose. So the bloog sugar will be kept at the minimum level while the body switches to fat-burning mode.

This is also gives tyour beta cells a break, AND most impotantly, fasting in fact forces to body to go into *reparation mode* which means the body will try to repair itself. This again will contribute to the possible reparation of beta cells.

2.Reduce damage of the body and beta cells:

To reduce damage to your body it is recommended to eat a healthy low carb diet based on whole foods - mostly veggies, adequate protein (50-70 gr/day) and healthy fats.

- Anti inflamatory diet from whole foods

- Eat anti oxydants from whole foods

- Manage stress through exercise and relaxation techniques

bhaswathy and iminig:

Thanks for your responses. They are most useful. I am Type 2. Diagnosed about 12-13 years back. Have been on medication since then - mostly Metformin. In April this year my A1C was 7.9. Usually it has been in the 6 0 to 6.5 range. So got aggressive and was able to bring my A1C to 6.6 in July. I am trying Gymnema, fenugreek, cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar as supplements and doing about 10 - 15 miles running per week. Want to reverse the condition with diet, supplements and exercise, if possible.

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Is the apple cider vinegar in pill form and if not how do you make up

take Tinaspora and Aloevera also thrice in a week in alteration.What about your B12 levels and Magnesium level .

Thanks bhswathy.

Last reading of B12 - May 16 - 314; Jan 15 - 299

I cannot see a reading for magnesium in any of my test results. It is possible my doctor did not order them because my calcium and potassium levels were within range.

My next test is in Nov. I am thinking of staying with my current intakes and checking A1C before adding Tinospora and Aloevera so that I can see the differential before my next test in February or March. That way I can isolate the effects. What do you think? Also, what dosage of tinospora and aloevera would you suggest.

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B12 from 200 up to 1000is normal.

since your potassium and calcium levels are normal , he might not have asked for Serum Magnneseum test . Any way only when magneseum is too high or too low , it would be a problem .Good level of magneseum regulates BP ,HEART BEAT , AND ENSURES GOOD BONE STRENGTH . DARK GREEN VEGETABLES , NUTS SEEDS all CONTAIN MAGNESEUM and usually the needs of magneseum are met with balaced diet .

I don't think it can be reversed or cured. I think it can only be controlled through excersize and diet

. It is also progressive. So the tighter control you have the better off you are.

If people stop believing that cure is possible , after 10 years the world would end up near total diabetic . We have to manage , no doubt about that , but at the same time we have to strive for ways and means to eradicate the menace . Unless and until the cooperation is extended from all quarters that goal would not be acheived .Apart from carb control and diet modification , people should be willing to try to take herbs recommended in ancient health treatises.They are all time tested and are less dangerous when compared with modern medicines .Since the day metformin was introduced , people have been taking that drug with out any hesitation .Why can't the same gesture be extended to alternative system at least on experimental basis .

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Hidden, thank you for your insight. I am encouraged to hear your optimism in this area. I would love to hear your personal experience with the methods that you mention here. My DR. wants to put me on insulin. I believe in my heart that diabetes can be reversed. I refuse to give up on myself. With meds, all I see is people (including myself) getting worse. I am a Christian and I believe that God wants me to be healthy. I am trying and I am doing the best I can to educate myself in this area. If there is something within my means that I can do to help myself, than I must do it. Again, thank you for your encouragement.

bhaswathy and iminig:

An Update on my A1C readings

April 2016 - 7.9

July 2016 - 6.6

November 2016 - 6.2.

My Doctor feels this is good progress and has reduced my Metformin intake by a third. My confusion is that my avg. FBS was 90 between July and November. That should correspond to a A1C between 5 to 6.

Does anyone know the equation or relationship between Fasting Blood Sugar and A1C?


I plan to include tinospora and aloe vera from December as suggested by you.

Really wishing for some responses to this question.

There is a BIG difference between T1 & T2 ! T1 is an auto immune & your pancreas does not work. T2 it could work 80% if you help it, by loosing weight & eating the right things.

When you consume food, whether cereals, or vegetables, or curry or fruits, it goes from the mouth to the stomach, into the intestine, at this point, it breaks down into smaller particles and then goes into the liver. Re-processing occurs in the liver and with the help of blood circulation; the food gets distributed into the entire body.

Therefore, it goes to every cell of the body with assistance to produce energy to the whole body and with which may repair the body. It may be used in body growth or some other metabolic activities.

All you can control the same by adopting this simple diet plan

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