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We all know that diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and is not caused by any external factor . Some thing from with in changed slowly over a period of years which is the net result of wrong eating habits , sleeping and resting habits . and life style in general.How it crept in to the life with out any hint and got exploded one fine morning , is a real pathos .The only course left out now is to try to bring a total change in the lifestyles , attitudes ,efforts ,and hopes .We have to make an effort on war footing .Mere changeof diet is not the answer.Left as it is it would stare in to our faces with untold calamities . Now what we are seeing is only a tip of an iceberg.

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  • But researches have been showing that sound pollution , air pollution , light pollution apart from food pollution could cause diabetes .Searching for cure necessitates a search in these areas as well.Cell radiation , ecological imbalance ,and throwing of nuclear wastes in to seas thus affecting the quality of sea food , extensive use of chemicals and pesticides in the , harvest ing , preserving , transporting and final distribution of food produce to the end user all contribute to the toxic poisonous state in the form of diabetes

  • A comprehensive and serious attention has to be paid for a solution in alternative systems of medicine for the permanent cure of diabetes .

  • Diabetes type I at least certainly also has an endogenous hereditary / genetic factor.

  • yes , true . But the epidemic scale of diabetes -- TYPE 2 Is due to pollution ,wrong life style , wrong eating habits , indiscriminate use of modern medicines even for small ailments.

  • excess iron loads cause hemochromatosis which is of course rather rare .In such a case that could lead to liver damage , skin discolouration ,hear disease , cancer ,Alzheimers , cancer ,ulcerative colitis ,and even parkinson's disease .

  • lack of cobalt and nickel leads to diabetes . Lack of Magneseum leads to diabetes and also convulsions

  • Diabetes is also caused by automobile pollution where carbon monoxide ,nitrogen oxides , lead compounds ,sulphur dioxide ,all damage the lungs .DDT gets accumulated in the cells and tissues of plants when it is sprayed to kill pesticides. Liquid radio active wastes are released in to the seas which cause the pollution and contaminate the sea food .Noise pollution causes damage to heart , increases blood cholesterol levels ,dilates cerebral blood vessels , causes renal problems , reduces hormonal secretions and plays havok with health. Excessive use of floride and throwing of industrial effluents in to rivers and water bodies causes water pollution . Though the awareness has set in , still unmindful actions are taking place which is causing unchecked pollution of water , sound , air ,and food pollution. POLLUTION AT THE UNPRECEDENTED Levels is the direct as well as indirect cause of diabetes at epidemic scale. Diet is not the only solution for checking the menace , though it is of utmost importance .

  • Part of lifestyle that might easily be forgotten but o so important and helpful for diabetes, regular exercise.

  • Exercise is important not only for diabetes , but very important even for normal people also to be healthy. Some one gave a message in the other forum saying sugar levels have come down with the use of Gymnema and Tinaspora in homeopathic mother tinctures .The drugs made by the pharmaseutical companies are not effective even if the basic ingredients are same because of the compromise in the quality of herbs and preparation.

  • My research has shown that type II diabetes is highly genetic.