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Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 46

Hello all, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in early April of this year. Was informed i'm a rare case because I developed Type 1 so late in life. I'm not new to the disease itself . I'ts been in my family for years. I seem to be adjusting well to being insulin dependent and checking my blood sugars daily . However not a lot of support or people to talk to who share in my condition. I'm a single mother of 6 children ages 28,26,24,21,15 and 12. Also a grandmother of 6 . Looking to join in and get advice and support . I've accepted my condition fairly well not in denial and it doesn't seem to depress me just would like to have other's to talk with on it.

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There's a type 2 diabetes that I've heard is called 1.5. It's like type one, but a hybrid of type 2 with a completely defunct pancreas. Try ketogenic diet. That's what my family does.


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