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When and how you found out you (or your loved one) had Diabetes?

When and how you found out you (or your loved one) had Diabetes?

Hi everyone, hope you are well and excited about being part of this new community!

Would be great to know a bit about your journey, so I am hoping the question above is a good icebreaker.

My father is diabetic, so I can start by sharing a bit about his story....

He was on his mid 30s and had all the typical symptoms (weight-loss, dehydration), but he was so busy at work he totally ignored the possibility - despite the fact many relatives were already living with diabetes!

It got to the point was taken (I think he was at work) to the A&E and hospitalised for weeks after arriving with a crazy high blood glucose. I remember visiting him at the hospital and not knowing what was going on.

I remember the contents of the fridge (and cupboard) at my home completely changing when he returned home. My mother got rid of everything that contained sugar and we entered a radically sugar free period, probably out a fear.

That's it! Hope some of you feel like sharing as well :)

PS: You might also want to add mention - Who was the most helpful and how?

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My story starts with a doctor's appointment and a routine blood test. I was on a huge work project where my team and I were working 7 days / week for nearly 10 weeks. I was exhausted and wasn't so sure I wasn't losing my mind. The doctor did a lot of blood tests and various other scans. The conclusion was that I had developed type-2 diabetes. This is new to me and I'm just learning what to do. I would appreciate thoughts and input.