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Dear Members.

My name is Muhammad Kashif Qureshi, and I am from Pakistan, last month i came to know that i am suffering from High Blood Sugar, when i first test my Blood Sugar it was 299 on gluco meter, I did not take it seriously, then many of my friend and family member told me that it is too high and than i come to know that after some time it can be very dangerous for my health, that was the time when i take it seriously.

I consult with my doctor and he advised me to change my diet plans , stop eating sweet things , stop taking sugar in tea , stop taking cold drinks etc.

I followed the doctor and start taking medicine. But i was not satisfied, then after few days i come to know the medicine (Magic) , somone told me that it will control your Blood sugar to normal level and within 3 month you will be 100% OK,

Now i am taking that medicine from last 13 Days and to my surprise my Sugar level is very much normal, Now i am eating everything i like to eat and sugar level is not going high.

With the help of this community i want to offer my medicine to everyone who is suffering from High blood sugar , I am sure after taking it for 2-3 days you will surely feel much much better.

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  • hi what is this medicine ??

  • the are small pills u have to take them before Breakfast and 2-3 hours after dinner, and you can eat anything you like to eat, your blood sugar will not increase.

    last night i eat Cake and Sweet with Tea , and when i check my Blood Sugar before breakfast it was 93.

    Results of these medicine are amazing

  • hello how can I buy it ?

  • Dear ,

    Buying is not the problem, First tell me from where u are , You just pay for the medicine and also the delivery charges, then i will send you this medicine.

  • What is name of medicine? Is it availible in us? What is cost?

  • I think it is not available in USA, it is only available here in Pakistan, it is also very cheap, I used it and found very very effective, now i did not use it from last 5 days , i eat each and everything in these days, and when i checked my Sugar Level it was 83 (Fasting) and 165(Random).

    You have to take 5 Pills before Breakfast and 5 pills , after 3 hours of dinner.

    it cost only $45.00 , and it contains medicine for 2 month.