Tourettes Action

Sodding Employers! Managers can't manage!

I've not had a brilliant 2 months at work. I work as a project support worker in the community for people who have learning difficulties. I've been experiencing some problems with one lady I support and decided as a result of this to withdraw from seeing her. I informed my Manager who arranged for a reivew to be done. A review was carried out, which resulted in 4 allegations being made against me by the lady in question. It was not so much the allegations that concerned me at the time as I knew I'd done nothing wrong, it was more the way the two egotistical, insensitive Managers treated me when I had an outburst of cop. when they mentioned this. I was so upset when the service manager (who knows I have TS and Asp.) seemed to enjoy treating me like a 5 year old and when I lost my cool telling her I was fucked off with their attitude, then threw a bag of sweets I was eating on the floor, she got up and walked out of the meeting followed by her little sheep Mike (the other manager) only to return with the Area Manager who continued to tell me I was not being suspended and would have to work in the office for 2 months (not my contracted job) until the matter was resolved. She also said she was adding my cop. outburst to the list of allegations. I was absolutely gobsmacked! When I explained I had outbursts while under stress... she said 'having tourettes is no excuse'! The worst part is, the company have on file a report done by AXA all about my condition(s), it also states if put under stress cop. could blurt out... but she didn't seem to care about this. She was hard faced and unrepentant. They took no notice whatsoever, I felt humiliated and demeaned. The next day (this was beginning of December), I went to see the GP who signed me off for 4 weeks. Here I am week 5, meeting after meeting and all allegations dropped, last night probably due to all the upset, I fell down stairs and sprained a ligament in my ankle. Now I can't walk! The good news is - A report/investigation is being carried out by another Manager (the first one who's actually listened) who said she cannot understand why they didn't read the AXA report stating cop. can occur under stress which will be investigated. She said I should have been approached at the start of the Contract and asked how my TS and Asp. affect me on a daily basis so the company can make 'reasonable adjustments' for me. Difficult to have faith in such incompetent, overrated work colleagues who in my view fall short of what is expected of them not to mention get paid way too much. The End!