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Everybody loves you when you’re dead

Everybody loves you when you’re dead

Earlier to today whilst reading my messages on Facebook I came across a thread started by an old school friend telling us that a fellow classmate had died during an operation shortly after the New Year. They might describe him as a friend and send messages of condolence and say how sad they are and how much they’ll miss him. I remember him well; it’s quite hard to forget the boy who shouts at you when with his mates or spit on you when you passed. I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but up until I read the thread I’d put behind a lot of the memories I had of school. Secondary school was often a hellish experience, I had a small cluster of good friends but I also had enemies, I hadn’t gone out deliberately to make enemies, I probably stood out thus making myself a target, I was quite a gentle placid soul who never set out to offend anyone, I was also one of the smaller members of the class standing a whole head shorter than my best mate. It was also very rare for me to be called by my first name (teachers included) I remember it confusing a new girl who called me Rosie for a few days until I corrected her. I went to quite a small school, a Catholic school, the only Catholic comprehensive in Carmarthenshire with only about 300 pupils so being the kid that twitched, wore glasses, would accidentally come out top of the class in some subjects without trying and didn’t seem to have a first name I kind of stood out.

Going back to the news of the death of my classmate I should really send my condolences I’m sure that he realised the error of his ways and knew how his actions had upset me. We’ve all grown up now. I was surprised however when another person who targeted me contacted me not so long ago and told me how much she admired me and asked me for advice with regards to her son’s (who has AS) hand flapping. I don’t think she had much admiration for me whilst dunking my head in a sink of water. Strange how things work out.

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I have to say, I too would probably feel very little if I found out someone at my school who had bullied me died. I highly doubt that any of the bullies from my school have any remorse for what they did. I have a friend who works on a bin lorry and she gets to go around all the estates in MK and she's seen the bullies (she was targeted by the same group). They're all single parents, living in slimy apartments and miserable... Karma maybe?


You're not speaking ill of the dead...........they are what they are Dead or Alive

And believe me, some people never ever change

And that other AS-son woman, oh I see, now her kid has something it's different now but if he didn't she'd probably still be as scathing about those who weren't 'normal'

I could be wrong but that's my opinion anyway


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