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The Evils of Alcohol

The Evils of Alcohol

My partner has unfortunately has an unfortunate trait, the ability to drink and then turn into an obvious yet invincible creature that comes out with the most hurtful, cutting comments that can reduce a girl to tears. I enjoy going out, I enjoy meeting up with friends and having a good chat, however after I’ve had a couple of pints my tics get a little bit worse, but using my charm I can usually talk my tic victims around. I enjoyed an interesting conversation about personal hygiene as my “say it as it is” tic spotted a guy out of the gents doing up his flies “WASH YOUR HANDS”. However my better half finds these ticcy outbursts too much to bear and after another pint he turns into Basshunter telling me how he had beaten his Tourette’s at the age of 12 through a mixture of his own self-discipline and the occasional “clip around the ear hole” from his Dad. These drunken lectures usually end in tears and leave me feeling like a very weak individual who lacks the discipline to beat a few habits. These regular discussions (he talks, Icry,he sn’t listen) are a regular occurrence, despite meeting 2 TS specialists, one having been on TV a couple of times, and the other written a book on TS you would think he might have taken on board that managing my TS takes a bit more than a bit of self-discipline and I really don’t need someone telling me or even implying that I am a weak individual who’s attention seeking.

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I get a lot of people telling me I am attention seeking. My first diagnosis (of sorts) was that I was attention seeking. Some people with TS can learn to control their tics. Some people with TS can completely lose all of their tics. The important word to note in these statements is SOME. As with many neurological disorders, TS varies from person to person. As a kid, I WAS clipped round the ear by my Dad for ticcing, but I still do it! Does that mean I am a glutton for punishment or maybe I genuinely can't help it!


The good life eh Catherine!!!

I love drinking

I'm a good drinker

I'm a happy drinker

I always say, I'm exactly the same when I'm drunk..........just more so

We've been out boozing all day so you've seen me, I just get happier and more sociable not morose and nasty like my old man

Some people need it, I don't, I just happen to like it


It's just unfortunate that my partner can turn into a bit of an a$"e when he's drunk, not nice to be around.


Bit like my Dad I'm afraid, there's a lot of it about

Btw, I meant to type in 'drinking' not 'drunk'


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