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I had a happy Christmas

I had a happy Christmas

For the first time in... *thinks very long and hard then resorts to finger counting...* over 11 years, I have actually had a good Christmas. I was at home with my mum and step-dad this year which technically usually leads to disaster, but was okay this time. For the first time ever, all the presents I got were brilliant (only one pair of socks and they were nice!), I didn't eat too much and feel throwy uppy all day, I didn't hurt myself or anyone else, neither of my rabbits nearly died and I didn't get angry at all! Hooray!

The only problem was an impromptu visit from my aunty and uncle. They have never been comfortable with my TS diagnosis and are quite outspoken about it... Normally I would probably just tic anyway but this time I kept my mouth shut... and for good reason! They were moaning about one of my cousins dropping out of school at the last minute. I accidentally found out he had been... smoking some stuff... from his brother and nearly shouted, '______'s a druggie!' Luckily, I kept it in and instead the alternative, TS's current favourite, 'Clinton's got wood' came out! No one commented at all and my Mum gave me a hug for holding my tics in because she knows it is difficult. Luckily my Mum and step-dad are much more accommodating of my tics as they know I can't help it. My Mum has snapped at me a couple of times in public when I am shouting REALLY bad things in the middle of the shopping centre but she always apologizes afterwards. She is still getting used to the fact that I am NOT attention seeking (as she was originally told).

I've fallen into a bit of a pre-Christmas depression now though. I finished my jigsaw, I injured my arm so I can't do the latch-hook kit I got, I've obsessively listened to my Les Mis and Andrew Lloyd Webber CDs and now even I am getting slightly fed up with them! I have yet to watch the 25th anniversary concert that my good friend bought me but I am saving it until someone can watch it with me. I suppose the dull, raining weather hasn't helped my mood any either. Oh yes, and regarding the injury, the doctor thinks I was 'sleep ticcing' and of course the TS has decided that it's latest bit of fun is to jerk the injured limb around from dawn until dusk... I don't think it will heal any time soon :(

Good news is I've got a job interview coming up for a volunteer placement at the local animal shelter (Wood green) in the small animal shelter. I am worried as heck, and hope that they (the employers) can see past my TS on the day as I can promise I have yet to freak an animal out with it! For some reason, when I am lying amongst a group of furry critturs, my Tourettes just disappears! I will be getting staff support (I hope) on the day so they will be able to explain the things I struggle to.

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Glad you had a great Christmas, there's always some relative that finds TS difficult, *I usually just try and avoid that person. But great news about thye voluntary work, I hope it goes well.xx


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