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The Morning after the Night Before

After a long bath I’m still aching all over and trying to rid myself of a headache with some Tangerine Dream (that’s perfectly legal and not what you think)

I must say a massive thank you to Me Jooolie (Julie Collier to you) for organizing yesterday’s conference it’s always great to meet up with old ticcer mates and meet some new people always. It’s interesting to hear the Doctors talk about the research that they’ve been doing, although sadly I’m one of those people who find it difficult to filter out what’s been said from any background sounds, so I tend to drift in and out of the speaker’s attention as is does take a lot of effort to listen whilst you do your usual ticcing plus a few more that have bounced off somebody else. I also met some lovely new people,

Also if you are a statue (non-ticcer) and I like you (yes there was a cute guy there, not my usual type but very nice) please excuse me for being frosty or aloof, I shouldn’t think this way but having coprolalia does make me quite self conscious on these occasions as it is the norm for either something sexually explicit or some stupid, childish slur against his personal appearance or ethnicity, like when I tried to flirt with a French waiter (ooooppss). So I’m not really frosty or aloof, I’m just really conscious that I may unwittingly insult you quite badly.

Also a massive thank to my glamorous assistants, together we raised £83.20 for the West Midlands TA Support Group so I’m now thinking about organizing some kind of day-out for the February half-term break. If you missed the items that we have for sale please take a look at the website, there’s still a few TA mugs designed by one of our younger group members and loads of jewelry.


Yesterday I was given a great opportunity to speak in front of an audience about how aromatherapy massage has helped mw manage my TS, I could do with a nice massage now but that isn’t going to happen. Unfortunately I fell to bits, not literally, I just froze and couldn’t read my own handwriting, and I had written around three pages of A4, thanks to Ruth for helping me out of that hole by asking me some questions. If you would like to know what I was planning to say I could write it in a separate blog post and add a few useful links, that’s if you’re like me and can’t read my handwriting. Maybe I would have been better off just writing a list of bullet points and going from there.

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I thought you did great just getting up in front of everyone! I couldn't have done it either! I act all like I am really confident but I am actually quite shy! Also this reminded me that I haven't written a blog post for aaaages so maybe I should get typing...


Hi Catherine

look forward to hearing about what you were planning to say. Please do write about it as those of us who couldn't make it to the conference would like to hear about it - it would be intersting to hear your other thoughts about the conference too?

best wishes Seonaid


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