Tourettes Action



I nearly had an apoplexy today... I got not one, not two, but three letters from Addenbrooks hospital on the same day... I just so happened to open the wrong one first which said, 'your appointment with Dr ___on the 4th February 2011 has been cancelled'. I screamed so loudly that not only did I make the support staff jump but also her unborn baby... (sorry to the baby of sex yet unknown!). Then I opened envelope 2 (which all happen not to be envelopes but those horrible 'tear' to open type things...) which said, 'This is to confirm your appointment with Dr _______ (a different name this time...) on the 18th February 2010.' Now I was very confused so I opened envelope 3 which said, 'This is to confirm your appointment with Dr ___(original one again) on the 4th February 2011'. When I had stopped bemoaning the fact that it had taken them three pieces of paper to tell me all of this (mini eco-warrior in the making) I worked it out. The divs had obviously booked me in with the wrong neurologist and decided, at the very last minute, to try and hide their error... NHS I COULD KILL YOU *hyperventilates*...

So yeah, not too happy right now, I am getting really angry with these constant let-downs from a service which is supposed to HELP us. Jenifer is still poorly, which is stressing me out and I am worried (as I am every year) about being pretty much alone over the Christmas period, bar Christmas Eve, Day and boxing day. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why. Pre-tics= invites to parties, post-tics= No invites to parties... In fact I'm going to a disco tonight which I wasn't invited to originally, I had to ask to go. How lame is that? I hope my tics don't cause hell again otherwise I expect I will be asked to leave :'(