Mr. Nasty

Mr. Nasty

Time after time the words that come out from this man’s mouth send shivers down my spine, not just like if somebody’s walked over my grave but a real horror of what could happen if this man’s policies were implemented. I read articles on newspaper websites where he smugly tells us about these fantastic policies that will help us get back to work (??????!!!!!) and the Daily Fail readers early leave their comments below not realizing that we’re blindly walking into a nightmare. Not so long ago we (the British nation) lambasted China for their one child policy and still we look on in horror at the orphanages full of little girls. What Ian Duncan Smith has proposed is that if families with 2 children whilst on benefits have another child that the parents will not receive benefits for that 3rd child as part of the plans for Universal Credit. Although I’m not a parent myself this policy goes way too far. The benefits he includes are those that people on in-work benefits receive. There is something deeply wrong with this policy, in my mind I can already see scores of disabled and Catholic kids in care homes as their parents can no longer afford to look after them ( I jest about the RC kids) , but parents may be put in a position where a child may have to be put into care. I, myself am the oldest of three children, I wouldn’t want to be without my fantastic brothers. Many of my school friends came from much larger families, one boy in my class was youngest of 12, my closest friends were both from large families one youngest of eight and the other second youngest of five. All these families way above IDS’s ideal family size. I’m sure that if he read this a picture of snotty, unkempt, boisterous kids would spring to mind. The truth was actually well brought up, clean, “good” Catholic kids that went to Mass every Sunday. At that time work was sometimes difficult to find, due to Thatcher’s policies dad’s were in and out of work , I know my dad and Mr P (father of 5) were. Mr C (farther of 12) and Mr A (father of 8) always worked hard and we all lived within our means. Mr C and Mr A both had the skills to keep a car going and maintained for years, although primary school and secondary school Mr C had the same blue car, it was almost like an extension of him, there’s somebody in Coventry who has a similar car in orange, an old VW, I had to take a picture of it and text it to my friend. How many kids could you fit in these cars? Back to my point, you never know what live throws at you, You may have a good job and then some life changing event comes along ( Thatcher, closing down pits) things go pear shaped, you cannot plan for these kind of events, I mean did my parents decide that they wouldn’t have any children just in case a loony right wing prime minister would get into power 6 years later and make a load of people unemployed thus rendering your business useless? Did Mr. and Mrs. A plan just incase somebody knocked him off his bicycle one rainy morning on the way to work and leave him hobbling around on crutches for a long time afterwards which is really handy if you work as a steel worker. However when he was better he was promoted to a forklift driver. What I’m trying to say is that you never know what’s around the corner and I don’t think many people of my age group were born and placed into a nursery like parents are expected to kit out now. My mother tells me (3rd youngest of 7) that she was put to sleep in a draw as a baby and didn’t have bed to herself until her sister left for university. The cot I slept in as baby was the same one that my dad and his 6 younger siblings slept in. What I’m trying to say is that not being a spoilt brat and having share things and making amusement from nothing really. Politicians should never dictate to others about things that are personal to them such as family size, Due to the beliefs of our parents we are all blessed with plenty of siblings, sisters to talk to and “borrow” clothes and make up from, brothers to “borrow” bikes from, brothers to ward of bullies, brothers to get us in free to nightclubs see IDS didn’t think of that did he? The support network that you build up from siblings, this is particularly important if you stand out being the twitchy kid, being the eldest this didn’t really help me but often one of my friend’s brothers came to the rescue (despite “borrowing” his bike) or being very tall and quiet or aspirations to be a dodgy Italian/Welsh boxer and talk A LOT!

Moving on another Tory had an equally repugnant policy idea up his sleeve, making pensioners do “voluntary work” to get their pension. Right, so we work until we retire, and then we work some more just to get our pension, this just sounds like workfare for the elderly. Give them a break, leave them alone, let those that have retired to do as they please. Maybe politicians who come up with these policy ideas should try them out themselves.

Since laying into families with more than 2 children (most kids in my class at school, I only knew 2 that were only children) IDS has been after step parents, LGBT couples with kids, just about anybody really who doesn’t meet his family ideal. Seriously this guy is messed up. He’s just prancing around like some school bully.

Sorry if I’ve offended anybody with the video, but every Catholic I know finds it quite funny, except you would only wear those clothes to “play out” in, also it’s not really for younger eyes unless they know a bit about “family planning”.

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  • I'm totally with you on the Tories. They are out of touch, out of hand but unfortunately in power and we seem to be stuck with them for the near future. I'm fairly sure that more than one prominent member of that party quite smoothly fits into the pigeon hole marked "Sociopath", so for the moment I am at a loss as to what we can do...everything any of us do manage is immediately twisted and turned around against us it seems!

  • I agree for example pleanty of fit, healthy community minded retirees working in charity shops etc, it has now turned around that a certain tory would like to see all retirees doing voluntary work in order to get their pensions. Seriously, Guy Fawkes had a good idea.

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