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I may or may not have TS?

It really is just lately that I have started to wonder and possibly brought on by the "Let Me Entertain You" series and my recent surfing on the internet to find out what is Tourettes?

There have been other programs/documentaries on the TV over the years but I never thought that I could have it, I always thought it was all about compulsive swearing and having uncontrolled sudden movements for those of you who have those I feel for you as it must be really draining and hard to get people to see you for who you are, I think if I have got it then I am one of the lucky ones as I can drive a car, Minibus, and motor bike and hold down a job without anyone suspecting a thing, I was surprised to find out that I perform many little tics throughout the day and night every day and didn't know that they were tics!

I had been told many years ago by my Step Dad that when I kept clicking my elbows and fingers that it looked odd and should stop doing it, as it looked like I had a problem...but over time I was able (Suppress) to not do it so much in public as obviously, but would sneak the odd clicks when I could. As it feels like if I don't my neck, shoulders, arms, fingers and feet start to feel uncomfortable like there is a build up of gasses and I need to "Click them out" I do sometimes have cringe moments or a (nervous tic) when I'm just walking back from my local shop and someone would walk past the other way then without any warning I would have a "Grunt or Snort" and would try to disguise that by coughing and saying "Oh dear me" and hope they didn't notice? The other one comes out when I laugh it gets the odd snort thrown in but luckily that just seems to be part of my laugh which makes us all laugh a bit more.

I also have for years done a big "Sniff" when I enter a room and I do wiggle my nose and have a regular cough.......Makes me wonder Tourettes could be more common than we think?

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Hi there, many thanks for your post. Have a roam around our website for more information on Tourette syndrome or may consider joining our online forum and you may find others in a similar situation. If you would like a list of Consultants in the UK that know about TS, please contact our helpline 0300 777 8427. Best wishes to you.


I'm no doctor but it sounds like you may be one of us, but...there are some other conditions like Wilson's that cause tics so a TS specialist would disgnose.


Thank you Jules7 and Catherinem I will certainly have a roam around the website for more info and look at Wilson's too.


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