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More of the Same that I Forgot About

More of the Same that I Forgot About

I should have written about this before but I forgot, maybe that’s part of my problem at the moment, my mind has been all over the place, worrying about other people’s driving bans, starting voluntary jobs in Birmingham and of course the everlasting period, it’s now been 3 weeks and it’s still going, I’ve just been to see the nurse at my GP’s surgery, had some swabs taken and hopefully that will rule out some of my worries, at least my cervix looks ok so that’s one less thing to worry about, she did suggest that I talk to both my TS specialist and my psychiatrist about my meds to see if they could be causing the problem. I just hope it clears up soon, give it about 4 days and my next period will arrive, lets see what the next pill pack brings.

Going back to my habit reversal training, I had another session last Wednesday and I was wanting to tackle the tic (or is it a tic?) that’s giving me the most grief, basically the urge before hand is an acute sense of tension on the left of my neck, the tic involves twisting my head around until my neck cracks. Unfortunately for my HRT therapist cracks and clicks set her nerves on edge so when performing this tic she responds by hiding behind her hands “noo!! STOP! nOOO!!!” I had my suspicions about this so called tic because it could be almost a compulsion as it seems a bit more complex that my average tic. My HRT reckons that it may be related to my posture, I probably do have bad posture when I do sit still, but even when I’m sitting at my desk writing or watching TV, knitting I’m constantly fidgeting and shifting my weight around. When I worked at a call centre we had “training” on how to sit properly (???!!!) this is all good and well if you’re the sort of person who can sit at a desk for half the day, but I can’t, if there was a reason to leave my desk I was away, even when I was shackled to my phone I still constantly fidgeted, stand-up, sit-down, cross legs, un-cross legs, twirl chair around, you should have seen the size of my rubber band ball! Thinking about it suppose I am slouching to my right a bit, so yes, she’s probably right. A nice massage could be the answer, any volunteers?


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