Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

I’m not happy; I’m feeling really fed-up. It’s nothing relating to me and my TS, well I suppose it does because what happens around me does affect me profoundly. I’ve always been interested in current affairs and what goes on around me in my community and the society that I live in, a phrase that is often uttered by sheeple (see picture for definition) is that “politics doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t effect me”. How wrong, how wrong. Sometimes I wish I was a sheeple, living in my identikit Barratt home, mortgaged to the eye-balls watching the X-Factor whilst browsing through The Daily Mail just caring for myself and my own. Now where did I leave my Take-That CD.? At least if I was a sheeple I wouldn’t know half the stuff that I do, now the problem with being a sheeple is that if you take things at surface value then it’s likely that someone’s pulling the wool over your eyes. Take the NHS reforms for example can you honestly say you know what these reforms mean, did you also know that the Condemns had started to put their master plan for the NHS in place before Queenie even signed the papers. Most would say that’s just being bit preemptive, wouldn’t you. They’ve pulled the same trick with the Welfare Reform Bill; they’ve had a company squirreling away getting the IT systems ready in anticipation for the roll-out of the new and nightmarish Universal Credit (more on that another day). Back to the NHS and what I know, I’ve been to numerous conferences and meetings where the NHS reforms have been discussed, I was actually supposed to be talking to some members of the local Socialist Worker Party swp.org.uk/ the other day about the NHS reforms (see somebody’s ready to listen to me) but the thing is the Socialist Worker Party agree with me, I’ve been shouting this out since I first got my sticky mitts on the green paper…..”DON’T DO IT!!!” it will be a f***ing nightmare, this is happening, wake up sheeple we’re walking into a nightmare. If you don’t believe me here’s a potted explanation of the NHS reforms and how it will affect you, just change the names of the various conditions he mentions and replace them with TS and you get the picture. Please, please, please watch this for your kids’ sake if not your own. We still need to talk about this and speak out. Or rather SHOUT.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone, but you can call me anything you like in retaliation, I’m a ticcer I can handle it, skin of an elephant hide me. But please just think about things, when the government get they’re own way we can either scream, shout and try and do something or we can let them grind us down. Because with the combination of the Welfare reform bill taking it’s course and the NHS reforms the proverbial will well and truly hit the fan, last August they were just practicing……if you catch my drift.

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  • I've been watching this coalition with increasing dread from the start. Most people with a brain could see what they were going to do from day one...it's no surprise really. We're screwed because the general population of this country just don't care. They live in their own little happy dream world and that's fine for them...

  • Sheeple.....Thanks for being on my wavelength x

  • It's a sensible wavelength to be on!!