Very incredibly not happy :'(

Because I am autistic I don't like change. The past week has been hard for me. Okay so I enjoyed the trip to London, but it was change. I had my birthday but all the plans got messed up so more change. Now I have just found out that the team leader, who I was just starting to trust, has found a new and better job. This company has turned out to be even more s word than the last one. They 'accidentally' removed £100 of my personal money from my bank account, now because the appointeeship has changed, my benefits haven't been paid in. I am eating scraps from the fridge as a result. I finally had everything worked out with my money, how much to spend, how much savings I would have at the end and now this happens. Also, with the team leader leaving, I don't know if I can still do my job at Wood Green because he drives me at the moment.

The biggest change happening today is for my Mum and Step dad because they are moving house. I was going to go and see it on my birthday but, as I said, the plans changed. I have no idea what the house is like on the inside so I can't even begin to imagine what is happening at the moment. Mum is too busy to talk to me tonight which I suppose is why I am ranting on here instead. Thanks to the money cock up, I am only just able to afford to go to my appointment at St George's and I might not be able to do my annual visit to Hyde park with a smaller (but equally as nice) group of friends. I have literally spent the day trying not to cry. On a slightly funny note I failed to notice a large, hairy moth on the ATM machine until I looked at it closer then screamed VERY loudly. My support had to brush it off before I could go back to it!

I am sick to death of Tourettes right now. It is bullying me constantly. When I am not ticcing, I am thinking about it. When I am not thinking about it I am getting constant thought tics. I have nearly concussed myself twice this week because it runs me into the bathroom door still, it is constantly slapping my thighs. I can't stop shouting random things and repeating 'duck du du dud duck' over and over. Some of my carers don't seem to get me because they don't understand why I refuse to cross the street on a red light. Because you are SUPPOSED to wait for the green man. Funnily enough, I just watched an episode of Monk (a detective series) and he did the exact same thing! I think I am going to stop writing now because I am getting a bit random...


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  • Duh, you could grow square tomatoes by encasing them in little square containers as they grow! I've seen it done with watermelons.

    A bit of a mad week, it will calm down soon. Just wait until the new person starts and gets into the swing of things.

  • Methinks me should try this... Although I have yet to grow a round tomato!

  • Gardener's delight would be a good variety for a newbie, you don't need to stake the plant or pinch out shoots, just let it do it's thing.

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