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Meeting in Merry May

Meeting in Merry May

It's that time again - Saturday 12th May, time again to get togther and put the world to rights. It's the same old, same old....the raffle to help cover our costs at £1 a pop.

Children welcome - aged 8 years plus (if in doubt get in touch) with craft activities to keep us (particularly me) out of mischeif. You'll find that such activities will help minimise tics so therefore there will be less profanities in the air.

Tea and coffee available for a donation to FOE and health organic, additive free squash and nibbles also available.

Hopefully (touch wood) I'll have some TA wrist bands available to buy - £1 each. So you'll find us at our secret location in Birmingham city centre.

And of course a tipple or two afterwards.

Please get in touch for further details.

Also, a big thank you to fellow ticcer Paul for letting me use his picture "Little Planet Tree"

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when is the next habit reversal training birmingham?


??? HRT is done on a one-to-one basis by the neuropsychiatry nurse at The Barberry, you'd need to be either Dr Cavanna's or Dr Rickard's patients, be refered by them and either over 16 or 18 as Birmingham and Solihull Mental health Foundation Trust only treat adults.

We are however having a meeting in Birmingham on Saturday 30th June which you can come along to. Teens with TS are also welcome to come along.


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