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What do you think about parenting groups for parents of children with tic disorders?


We want your views.

We would like your views on what you would think about attending a parent group for parents of children with tic disorders.

•A researcher is looking for parents of children with tics and Tourette Syndrome to complete an task which can be completed entirely online or via post (postal versions can be sent if parents contact the researcher

•The task aims to look at opinions about parenting interventions. Parents do not need to have attended any parenting interventions, they do not need to have opinions about them, or know anything about them beforehand at all, as the task is designed to try and elicit opinions.

•The task asks parents to arrange statements on a continuum from agree to disagree.

•The task takes around 30-35 minutes

•The researcher is offering parents a £5 voucher as a token of gratitude for their time

•The intention of the study is to help us to understand whether parents think parenting interventions are a good idea and what components would be important to include.

Further Project Information

If you would like any more information about the research project please contact Dr Gemma Evans (trainee clinical psychologist); 07543204608.

To take part please go to this website: