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The curse of the T

So I have been missing for a few months... This isn't because my Tourettes suddenly became cured (we all wish that eh!?) but because of a humongous issue involving a broadband company beginning with the letter T (but other than that shall remain anonymous... but I believe there is only one that begins with T!). I got randomly attacked in the Town centre, while on the way to a guitar lesson so I also became nervous of using the library as it is in the centre of town. I eventually got past that issue and started going to the library surrounded by... interesting people to say the least. They swear more than me! In desperation to be, somewhat, linked back to the world, I bought some hours on my mobile dongle. This keeps crashing and, surprise, surprise, is from a different company beginning with T.

So that is three T curses; internet, Town and dongle, but worst of all is the Tourettes. As I mentioned previously, the tics had waned for ages, but had started to sneak back in. The past week has been the worst. It's like I have stopped taking medication again (I haven't) and my body is thrusting all over the place. I have had three tic 'seizures' or storms and my gut hurts from the constant squeezing. It has also gone into my throat with lots of sniffing, snorting, coughing (hacking mainly!) and making a kind of 'huh' kind of noise. I think that came from Starlight Express. There are three characters who, when introduced, make that noise. They are the Rockies or the Hip hop trains!

So yes Starlight Express has kept me sane these past few weeks (saw it on 1st May) and has actually introduced me to roller dancing. I know what you are probably thinking, a person with Tourettes on roller skates!? Well fortunately, when my skates are on and I am gliding around the hall, my tics virtually disappear! I say virtually because a few occasionally slip through (mainly hand to face). I am just waiting to find out if I can have some money off my appointee for new wheels because my skates have plastic wheels and terrible ball bearings! It would be a dream come true to one day appear in Starlight Express, although I expect this is unlikely to happen. I have been to four roller discos and have fallen over a total of... 0 times! I'll take a pic of the bruises I get next week after I jinxed myself...

Now I had best go because another T curse is coming up... Ten o'clock AKA bedtime...