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Say What?

Say What?

I thought I might explain a bit about the media, well my take on it anyway. If I hadn’t of studied music I would have done my degree in film or media studies, yes I can hear a barrage of jokes about people with degrees in media studies.

So first of lets go back in time about 20 years to when Thatcher was roaming the earth and trampling all over industry.

This description is probably somewhat dated now, you may tell me so if you feel that I’m being judgemental, but some of it still applies. Also I’ll add in what their readers most likely think about people with TS.

The Financial Times – yes, still read by those who own the country. What is this “Tourette’s syndrome thing all about?”

The Telegraph – read by the people that run the country. “What is Tourette’s syndrome? Is there any way in which we can get more money out of them?”

The Times – Owned by Rupert Murdoch, “Tourette’s syndrome? I discovered it, although I’ve never met a person with it.”

The Independent – What you would buy if the shop had run out of The Guardian.

The Guardian - Read by myself, recently published an article by my friend Jess, aka Touretteshero, on our side with regards to representing the opinions and values of disabled people.

The Daily Mail – Don’t get me started, right-wing to the core, EDL in a twin-set, apparently everything gives you cancer and vilifies those who have had the misfortune to have had to claim benefits on every day that that has a “y” I it. “Tourette’s syndrome? I saw a man with Tourette’s syndrome yesterday in the wine aisle Tesco’s, I told him to watch his mouth as there were ladies doing their shopping. People on benefits shouldn’t buy wine.”

The Express – Owned by Richard Desmond, he also owns Channel 5 and a whole load of porn. Similar to the Daily Mail.

The Sun – Read by those who think that they run the country, never read by me, owned by Rupert Murdoch, similar to the Daily Mail in stance but also featuring Kelly, 19, from Basildon and her assets. “Tourette’s syndrome? That’s well f******g funny mate! Gota film it and stick it on Youtube!”

The Mirror – Left-wing, a better read than The Sun, the usual read at the home of grandparents, in-laws and passed around canteens, I’ve never bought it, but often read it. When I mean a better read, I tend to agree with the opinions voiced rather than exclaim OMG and throw it in the bin as I do when on the rare occasion that I’ve read The Sun. Like The Sun, The Mirror, features Sophie, 20, from Durham and her assets. “Tourette’s syndrome? That’s a shame, let’s raise some money for the kiddies with Tourette’s”.

Here’s a more in depth guide to the UK’s newspapers.

So, now you can see what’s kind of going on now, why we’ve got a battering in The Sun, think back, where did Cameron have his holiday? Yep, Rupert Murdoch’s Tuscan villa, of course now it all makes sense, Cameron’s ex-advisor Andy Coulson used to work for the News of the World, so would you expect any better from The Sun?

Something else I wanted to share with you was disability campaigner, Sue Marsh on last night’s Newsnight, it would have been nice to hear more of her opinions with regards to Welfare Reform bill’s amendments in the House of Lords, but of course Chris Grayling gets more of a say. Is it just me or does he look a bit like an alien? And do you know anybody who’s inherited anything; the only person I know who inherited anything was an old boyfriend from Llanelli who inherited his grandfather’s brown Austin Metro. Does this man live in the real world?

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Total ass!


Chris Grayling?? Yes, I have now come to the conclusion that he is in fact an alien.


Haha u may have a point! Lol xx