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Worried about past Radio Iodine treatment

Hi everyone, I had Radio Iodine treatment about 12 years ago for Graves’ disease. I never had major hyper symptoms but docs said it was the right thing to do. I was worried at the time as was having a lot of palpitations and my concern at the time was my heart. After the RAI i went hypo and was put on levo and it’s been raised a bit over the years and I now take 175 mcg. I recently had a 24 hr ecg tape and in the letter to my doc(I got a copy) consultant mentioned my RAI treatment. This panicked me as I don’t understand why it would be relevant. I’m now worried that RAI may cause problems in the future. It’s keeping me awake at night. Also lately I’ve had a tight pulling feeling in my throat and slight pain at front of throat. I just want to not worry about this. I’ve had the treatment, so it’s done but I wake up every morning at the moment worrying. Because I didn’t have really severe hyper symptoms I think maybe I could have cured my graves with diet or just staying on carbimazole.

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