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Worried about past Radio Iodine treatment

Hi everyone, I had Radio Iodine treatment about 12 years ago for Graves’ disease. I never had major hyper symptoms but docs said it was the right thing to do. I was worried at the time as was having a lot of palpitations and my concern at the time was my heart. After the RAI i went hypo and was put on levo and it’s been raised a bit over the years and I now take 175 mcg. I recently had a 24 hr ecg tape and in the letter to my doc(I got a copy) consultant mentioned my RAI treatment. This panicked me as I don’t understand why it would be relevant. I’m now worried that RAI may cause problems in the future. It’s keeping me awake at night. Also lately I’ve had a tight pulling feeling in my throat and slight pain at front of throat. I just want to not worry about this. I’ve had the treatment, so it’s done but I wake up every morning at the moment worrying. Because I didn’t have really severe hyper symptoms I think maybe I could have cured my graves with diet or just staying on carbimazole.

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Hi Sunny, I've just been recommended RAI (I have Graves) and am interested to know more, how are you settling now? Hope things are better.



Hi WebDeb, yes things have settled. As I said I never had any problems really after the RAI apart from going hypo. I didn’t really think a lot about the treatment until earlier this year. I have recently seen an Endocrinologist as I have needed several drops in levothyroxine and he says that this treatment is safe and has been used for 70 years. You have to do what is right for you at the end of the day. Have you tried everything else? Kind regards.


Thanks for the reply Sunny, glad you've had a good experience. I've been on carbimazole on and off for 2.5 years and my endo wanted to give me options, she thinks thyroxin is better as it's replacing the bodies natural drug as opposed to blocking thyroid function and the roller coaster that seems to come with! My biggest concern is huge weight gain, have you found this any easier to control post RAI?


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