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5 weeks post RAI

Had RAI treatment 5 weeks ago. I should have had it much sooner as my symptoms ( all 1000)) of them raged on even with Antithyroid meds for months. My most recent bloods have shown improvement. Since Grave’s original diagnosis my TSH now registers 0.01, T4 1.7 and T3 is 3.4.. see my Endo this week and she thought it was time for meds bc I was probably going hypo. My TPO antibodies she said will remain high but was encybc they were down to 890, from well over 1100. Anybody have an idea of what to expect?

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Would love to hear how your experience is 7 months on, I've just been recommended RAI after 2.5 years of Graves / hyper.

Hope you are doing well still.


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