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Hi can anyone help.. Newly Diagnoised with Graves disease. Based on these figures... A free T4 of 26, a free T3 of 9 and a fully suppressed TSH. Fast forward to my appointment with endo and now TSH <0.05 FT4 20.08, FT3, 6.5 ATPO 31 neg, TRAb 5.4(N<1.8positive) on the notes it says she does have graves but very mild hyperthyroidism. I have been placed on 20mg of carbimazole. I don't quite know what it all means.

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Sarah I wish I could help but it confuses me too. My endo just told me that when I went in remission last year, I wasn't even showing signs of Graves. So I thought perhaps my symptoms were caused by taking high doses of Biotin. In fact my recent increase back over to showing Graves disease again... I started looking at my multivit and much to my horror it has 300 mm biotin! I have stopped taking it and plan to retest eom. If that comes out neg. I will know. Good luck. You may want to try the Graves group on FB, they seem to be more active there.

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