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Overactive thyroid. Idoine treatment offer

Hi my name is Maria , I was told I had an overactive thyroid which I received tabs to control . I have other medical problems blood clotting and on Meds for that . My liver function is a bit high , so they told me I must have idoine treatment and that my thyroid would probably go underative and would be given other medication if this happens . Dose this medicine work has I have reached and others say no . So should I get the idoine treatment if it's going to be worse having underative . Yes at the time of my thyroid been in its 70s I was very unwell but it's coming down slow with the medication and I'm doing a lot better still overactive but things are not has bad . I don't what to have idione treatment then be worse of if the medication for underative dose work . Plz help . Thanks Maria

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I had an overactive thyroid gland 35 years ago. Was on medication for a short while then had the radioactive iodine. The process was fine but then the hospital Dr said it didnt take away enough of the gland so I had another dose. It took a number of yeArs to get the dosage right on thyroxine for interactivity. Yes they obliterated the gland altogether. I still struggle now and have given up trying to lose weight. My sister's also had too much iodine as well and are in the same situation as me. If you can delay it and do more researchingbefore you go down that road would be m y advice. If you have liver issues you should think about if you are on thyroxine for the rest of your life your liver is not going to benefit long term use surely.

Good luck Mary

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Thanks Mary for that reply . I'm not sure about making my thyroid underactive feel it will be worse for me cause me weight gain and sure that also will have an inpack on my life . Think I will take a chance with my liver and refuse the treatment iodine .

Thanks Maria x


Maria, I agree with you, no way would I do RAI. All the books and med research I have done strongly recommend against it. I will research the liver issue in relation to treatment for hyper as I do not want to be hypo. I can't lose weight even being hyper.... so that is not an option for me.


I have hyperthyroidism too. I'm taking Methimazole 30mg (antithyroid med) for three months. Felt fine. Took blood test recently. I have little high in my liver. Doctor told me not to worry. She reduced Methimazole med to 10mg. She never tells me to take RAI because it is risky. If you want, you can tell your doctor to reduce your antithroid med and it can reduce level in your liver. It's best for your doctor to monitor your liver level every 6 weeks of blood test. You will be ok.


Ist863 I also take Methimazole and just learned today about its effect on the liver. None of my drs have mentioned that Meth. c/b the cause of my liver troubles. I thank you for sharing that!


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