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Bio care th207 advice

Hi. I have been euthyroid now for 2years. My gp continues to check my tsh levels which are all still normal despite me having the symptoms of shakiness and sleeplessness. I cannot get him to budge on checking my t4 levels. I was told I had hyperthyroidism. Controlled by Carbimazole now on nothing. I was wondering if trying bio care th 207. Does anyone have an opinion. Thanks

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Hi Lindsey I hate to say it but you have to be very forceful with your g p or do the same as me and ask to see another doctor I battled graves for three years before I was put on carbomizol for graves after another 18 months my symptoms had not improved much so I had radio iodine treatment to destroy the parts of the thyroid gland causing the problem and after nearly a week I am definitely feeling a lot better it's the best thing I have done x


thankyou for your reply. glad you are feeling better. i was told by the consultant i saw if thyroid problem returns i can go straight for radioactive treatment but gp wont refer me unless my test results show me hyperthyroid again. i put up with symptoms of shakiness and hot flushing. (not menopausal by the way. ) i will try again soon.