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Symptoms of hyperthyroidism, but normal test results?

Hi, ever since April I've started showing symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and that's when I first went to the hospital, as I had trouble breathing, my breath would be trembling and my hands and muscles would shake terribly and i had heart palpitations. At the hospital they gave me an ecg and a blood test, and apparently everything was normal (platelet count very high, neutrophil count elevated, low serum ferritin level and iron level). I was told that it's completely normal for my age (18) to have heart palpitations, however this has been happening since April until now-December and it has only been getting worse. Recently, I have been to poland and there i received a TSH level result of 0.503, and in April it was 0.22 (normal range is from 0.4). Over the course of these months I've been to the hospital a few times already and the last visit showed arrythmia and the doctors want to do an echo to rule out myocarditis/pericarditis, as when I have chest pains the only way to get relief from it is to lean forward because it gets worse if I lie down or sit. Over the last two or three weeks I've lost 8kg instantly and the doctor is sure that I have hyperthyroidism, as I have all the symptoms (weight loss, dizziness, irritability, very skaking hands, muscle weakness, insomnia, memory loss, heart palpitations and the feeling of chest pains, tiredness throughout the day and recently I've been told that my eyes have gotten enlarged, my eye sight has gotten slightly worse and more blurry at times). In April my TSH level was 0.22, in October 0.503 and my serum free T4 level was 12. (Haven't been given any normal range in the blood test results) I was told that this is all caused by stress, although there have been no changes whatsoever in my life and I am definitely sure that I am not in any stress. There was a family friend who went through the same thing and had normal test results, however it turned out she had lumps im her thyroid. So I just wanted to ask what should I do next, as these symptoms seem to get worse, they come and go, and the doctors don't want to do anything to find out the cause for these symptoms. Also, I wanted to find out if those results are in fact "normal" and what the cause could be for these symptoms, as every single visit to my GP and at the hospital ends up in doctors telling me there's nothing wrong with me and refusing to do any further tests.

Thank you

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What was your T3. Mine at first was. T3 270, T4 14.8 and TSh 00.01. I had very high iron and high Blood pressure. Something is going on, can you find a endocrinologist to go see.


You really need to get the ranges, as labs differ, so difficult to see whether you're high or low in range. It's also important to have an FT3 result.

You definitely have all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Have you had your antibodies tested? It could be Graves and some people also have Hashimoto at the same time. Have you had a scan done on your thyroid gland?

Even if they think your thyroid levels are 'normal' they need to find out what is causing all these symptoms!


What's normal range, and what's normal for you are two different things. Tell your doctors that the test results are not normal for you. I've had to do this with my doctor, and as a result, he adjusted my medication.

Have them place you on medication, just to see if it has any affect. I currently take Tapazole.