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Did I do the right thing???

Hi guys can anyone help me out with these results? TSH less than 0.01, free T4 16.2, T3 5.5 I have been diagnosed with graves disease since April 2016. I was very ill at that point and my meds were propranolol 10mg 3 x daily and carbimazole 30mg daily, I was making good progress so I was told to stop propranolol and also reduce my carbimazole to 5mg daily. I was feeling so much better that about a month ago I stopped taking any meds as I found I was putting on weight. The result mention above is the first one since stopping. Does that mean that I don't have graves anymore?

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Sorry carbimazole 10 mg daily


I'm afraid you will always have Graves but you may have gone in to remission. Do you have the ranges (figures in brackets) and did they do your FT3?

Do you have any symptoms?


Hi silver_fairy, that's all the results that my consultant gave me. I have virtual appointments now and a week later he writes to me with the results. I still have all my Graves symptoms apart from the weight loss, which is why I stopped taking the carbimazole. And I will always have graves disease???? I did not know that.


hi, this is exactly the same as me ive stopped taking an trying to find out all the herbs i should take, i put on weight almost two stone when i took them and i walk and bike miles

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