Graves' disease now what??

Recently diagnosed with Graves. I am now on 20 g of methanezole 2x a day and a beta blocker 2x. This is the beginning of my third week on meds and still feel very tired and having headaches. Have blood work in two weeks and then reevaluated. I just feel miserable most of the time. Almost like I am walking around with a mild flu. When do things start to get better or do they? Really getting depressed with inability to function normally. Usually very active now vert fatigued. I am 69 and until I got this I felt wonderful, now feel even older. Thanks for reading helps to vent.

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  • Hi @Maspaws, it took about 3 weeks before I started to feel a change after being diagnosed. I was on 40mg Carbimazole (methanezole) and 3x daily beta blockers, I couldn't walk as my muscles had shut down due to thyrotoxic myopathy which came from having too much thyroxine in my body. Now after my 6 week blood test my consultant has lowered my dosage to 10mg of Carbimazole, no beta blockers and..... I am starting to feel great (dare I say it!). There is still a long way to go but you will get there, once your body starts to react to the medication you will feel a difference. I definitely have more good days than bad ones and this site has been a lifeline in helping me understand things about my consultant was nice but said very little. 😐The depression is hard to deal with as your body is trying to adjust to a less active way but keep up with the medication, but if you still don't feel like there hasn't been an improvement see your gp again. Don't suffer in silence. I wish you all the best. ☺

  • Thanks so much. It helps hearing there is light at the end. I guess I didn't feel this bad immediately so logic says it will take awhile to feel better. So used to take a antibiotic for infection and feel better the next day. This has thrown me for a loop.

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