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Carbimazole and Immunosuppresion

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on the 20th nov after getting a blood test due to having execive and painfull mouth ulcers along with a few other symptoms in the last year. I was refered to the specialist who then prescribed me 20mg Carbimazole. I have only been taking for two weeks and so far have not experienced any noticable symptoms. Although I have been taking vitamin suppliments and avoiding sick people and such this morning I woke up with my throat feeling slightly scratchy which is usually the a sign that I am about to get sick. I phoned the GP asking if a doctor could call me so I could try to arrange a blood test to check my white blood cell count as I get the felling that I will be ill tomorrow. It's friday and they said the doctor can only talk to me on Monday but even then the next available appointment for a blood test is on the 29th dec. Im only 20 and all this has constantly got me on edge. Does anyone have any idea of the likelyhood of getting immunosuppression on this medication. I feel like I am being over dramatic as I don't bave a high temperature and I don't feel that bad yet but I can't help but get worried as it always takes so long to get an appointment for anything. Has anyone had a white blood count while on this medication and it came up low?

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I don't have a white cell count problem but I'm also newly diagnosed with Graves. I'm writing because I have suffered with mouth ulcers for over 40 years...painful ones, and ones that would come in rapid succession. I have begged doctors for YEARS to check my immune system to see if that's why I get them, only to be told, "oh, it's because you're eating something acidic". Uh, no it's not! Now I realize after reading so many posts from folks who have them, that's it's yet ONE MORE symptom in the long line of Graves symptoms that I'd gladly give away to anyone who has nothing to complain about. Sorry you are soooo young and sick. I'm 61, but I KNOW without a doubt I've had Graves since I was about 23.