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I have many symptoms of hyperthyroidism and lately have been very crabby with suicidal thought. the last time i was checked my level was 1.73, but i sweat like crazy even when it's cold (seems to be mostly in the morning about 1/2 way thru a cup of coffee, and esp. if I didn't eat a TON of food late the night before) I have never been more than 120lbs....excluding pregnancy. I have almost fainted during stressful situations (like driving through a foot of snow). My resting HR is 120. But my levels are considered normal. Any ideas?

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Hi Lindalu,

I saw your post all out here on it's own with no reply! I have been recovering from hyperthyroid although have never been formally diagnosed, so I cant advise on your levels. But I am about the same weight as you and know how debilitating it is to constantly be stressed and sweating. You need to read up about your adrenal system as this is what is of an urgent matter. Your body is running in 'fight or flight' mode and so you need to bring it back into balance into 'rest & relaxation' as much as possible. This mean avoiding anything stimulating (the WORST culprit being coffee), stressful situations and alcohol. You may not be getting the nutrients your body desperately you have digestive problems too? If the sweating is really a problem I recommend buying sage tincture (you can find this at Holland &Barrett). Also find some magnesium chloride, online - put a pinch into the palm of your hand with a few drops of water adn rub into your belly. It will relax you in about 10 mins. Almost all of us are severely magnesium deficient!

Reply seems to me just from reading your post, that you don't eat regularly which would explain the crabbiness and fainting. I know because that contributed to my condition. Try to eat a large handful of protein every day, split throughout. Hope that helps!