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In range :(

In range :(

Hello good people, need some advice. I had a Graves attack in 2007 when I discovered I had the condition, had successful block and replace but never felt fully recovered since then (block and replace period in blue on chart). I was taken off the medication and have had nothing since. Symptoms since 2007, sore legs and pressure in my knees, but I was ok, Consultant adamant those symptoms nothing to do with Graves.

Two years ago I started to feel unwell, anxiety, palpitations, sore roof of my mouth, not sleeping, knees swelling up...various visits to the GP for tests came back no arthritis and ECG said my heart was ok, blood tests for all sorts ok. For a year I've felt increasingly more unwell, terrible fatigue, palpitations really bad and painful, acne spots, swollen knees, anxiety, depression, hissing ears, and terrible brain fog, I just can't think straight! Attempts to get more than a TSH test have taken a year, so finally saw consultant yesterday, results below.

I was fully expecting the FT4 to be around 8. I know I am in range but from reading this site I am wondering if since treatment my FT4 has been too low for optimal health? I queried this with the consultant and he was vague about it, but said had the FT4 been one point lower he would treat. I'm not feeling the cold but I've been taking my temperature in the morning from advice given here and it's never been up to 37, ranges 35.5 to 36.5. I think I need a small amount of thyroxine to nip something that's developing in the bud but the consultant obviously does not agree, and when I suggested I could buy some from the internet he said do!

I'm 58 and feel like I'm crawling through my life, my 81 year old mother runs rings around me! What do you think? Also if I do decide to self medicate, where do I get it from and how much do I take? Sorry the post is so long and apologies to those of you with readings much worse than mine, I can't imagine how you feel if I feel this bad.