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Feeling Miserable on NDT/Levo, at my wit's end, please help me:

Hey friends, I'm new here and I'm excited to be involved.... long story short, I had a TT due to Thyca last November, RAI in January. Started on 150 Levoxyl with Cytomel and switched to Synthroid, ultimately to Tirosint 137 which I just never felt good on. July I started Naturethroid an a month ago added in 25 mcg levo to my 2 grains of NT. The past month expecially I have had the WORST aches, stuffy sinuses, but insomnia has been the worst since NDT. I've alternated dosages and felt hypo and then hyper and my FT4 has been long on NDT alone.... but I honestly just want to suffocate myself. I'm wondering if maybe my body needed more time on levo alone... I was told I wasn't a good converter but maybe I just needed more time... or maybe more T4 with less T3? I am so depressed and I am jolted after five hours of sleep a night now... and I think it's because my TSH is beyond in hypers-ville, but I am miserable, sick, and need advice. Has anyone switched and felt ok? I feel like a lot of those I talk to taking NDT are kinda' cult-ish and are quick to attack one when they say they don't feel good. And my vitamins and minerals are good. My life went downhill only once getting on hormone therapy F/T... even the six week prior to RAI, I was on Cytomel only and felt ok. But now? I look like a monster.

Please help.

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You have been messed about! Perhaps you need to stick with one medication for a while. How do you know you convert badly?.Truly there is no cult concerning NDT. I am trying to use it myself after being on Levo for 14 years. This site will give you great advice, so stick with it and give your body time to adjust. I had thyca 15 years ago and all that went with it, so I do understand. Best wishes.