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TC chemotherapy v hypothyroid?

does any one have any experience of TC chemo while hypothyroid and on armour?

i am about to start 6 cycles of TC chemo, do any of you know how it might affect my hypothyroidism??..........or any tips or do's and dont's

any info would be welcome as the hospital though very helpfull on the cancer didn't seem to have much idea about the effect the ct chemo and being hypo might have on each other?

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I'm sorry Ritz, I know nothing of this (hoped others would) but wanted to reply and give you a ((hug)) anyway. J x

I must have missed your news about cancer. I'm not surprised that Thyroid problems/treatment are not considered & put on the back burner 'tho, everything is separate isn't it? - but we need the whole picture, however the fact you are aware must be a big advantage. Jane :D x


thanks Jane, i was surprised i got no answers at all?

my main worry is that many of the symptoms are the same: loss of hair dry skin, tiredness etc - but i will find out what the effects will be over the next few weeks! :)

sha x


Post a new question! :) The other idea might be to contact one of the BTF cancer support lines. :)




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