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If I have private blood tests will it make a difference?

I have had under active thyroid for 20 yrs. I am on 250mg of thyroxine. My doctor says the levels are correct but I feel something is not correct. I suffer from depression and some days I know my thyroid is not correct as I get so tired and I start forgetting everything.

If it worth a private blood test? Could the doctor be missing something? Would seeing a specialist make a difference?

Before I had this condition I was slim and healthy and never depressed. My,life has so changed and some days I just can't e bothered.

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First, I would get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood tests from your GP (you are entitled) complete with the ranges as labs differ, post again on a new question and someone will comment.

Many GP's keep us within the 'reference range' but we should have a TSH below 1, or even suppressed.

Have you had a Vit B12, Vit D (both are often deficient and can cause problems), ferritin, folate and iron. If not ask for them.


Hi, thank you for your reply. I will get a copy.

Your support is much appreciate.



Hi If the GP will not do the essential test, especially T4 and Free T3 now, as they change, I am sure your`s used to be done,as was standard practice. If GP cannot do them ( it is the nHS Labs really), then yes, very worth having at some where like blue Horizon, as their Lab is well Known to all docs ( called TDL). Then if out, show the results with the ranges to the doc loing after you, GP or endo, they should treat on that basis, then the GP should do the other required tests, Ok, those need doing annually ,unless "out", then 3 month after any new treatment for those. thyroid ideally 6 to 8 weeks but you will be lucky if you get them every 3 moths. If you go onto T4 ( levo) and T3, you need a test 4 to 6 weeks after starting the drug.I hope that helps.

Best wishes,



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