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Please can anyone help with graves disease syptoms

Hi Im a newbie.Have felt ill for 7 months been to docs 3 times have several symptoms for graves had blood test gp says normal (my sister had graves)wonder if someone can offer advice.Im 57 had menopause sypmtoms for 7 years coped ok till last 7 months tried explaining to gp he says its stress! Iv had pins needles waking up in night palpations and last week waking with migraine like headaches any help advice appreciated..

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Hi Mollyjo and welcome to the forum.

So sorry you are suffering at the moment.

I am not an expert but have Graves and had my thyroid removed. I do believe however that I had thyroid/Graves for many years before being diagnosed. I was told at 40 that was in early menopause but that is because hyperthyroidism and menopause have many parallel symptoms. I was diagnosed with Graves 10 years later after feeling ill for years and I wasn’t menopausal.

Graves is very specific in testing because not only do they test for elevated thyroid function but also antibodies unique to Graves, TRab/TSI and although not always presents, once found it’s pretty conclusive you have Graves.

If you could get your most recent blood tests from you doctors and post on here someone will help you with them. Remember to ask for results and the ranges.

Since joining this site I have improved greatly with help of all the wise and patient people here. I’ve starting taking Vit D, magnesium, Vit C and most importantly B12.

In the meantime hang on in there. You can feel better.

Good luck


Hi Shambles thanks very much for answering very much appreciated will get some vitamins tomorrow.


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