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wigs and wig people can be just as unhelpful as some doctors,

i wonder how they would feel if they lost their hair and noo ne wanted to be bothered to helpthem. i am searching for a wig and i have a small head so most wigs are too big, plus having only thin fine sparse hair left adds to th e filling out of the bloody thing. i have searched on this internet and found a supplier in hull not sure if i can mention names ,anyway sh e asked have you been to shops-- 'yes but there are onl y two in my area with not much choice,'-- ''well-- we are used to supplying to people who know what they want and who order regular-''- basically what she was saying-'' i dont have time to tell you about any wigs that may be thinner on top in density or advise you on sizes, comfort colours''--- in other words---'' look just bog off woman i have to get on with my work-''--- so here i am, been told to look in shops - i already told her there was buggar all in the local shops an d that they didn tstock th e vast lot they did-- they dont diieserve business.. no one has any compassion for anyone less fortunate for themselves,i am glad i have a heart!

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Have you tried macmillan cancer support. Ask them where they get their wigs from. Doesnt hurt to ask



willdo but prob they ar esupplied by the nhs.


I will p.m. you.


Hi, I'm not sure where you are but I found a lovely lady who owns a wig shop in lakeside, Essex and she took time to talk me through my options, let me try them on and even let me go in a private room to stop people looking through the window. Unfortunately she doesn't supply online that I know of.

I really hope you find something suitable soon. I know how hard it can be finding the right wig.


Hi Pettals, having lost all my hair due to chemotherapy, I bought two wigs. I found the best to be by Natural Image, they look most like "real" hair, not too shiny as some do and look false. They do petite head sizes in some styles too and have a large choice. They have a mail order service too. If you want any more info, just message me. My own hair has now started to come back, but the wig is so much nicer than my own hair, so the wig is staying put! Sandra


Not sure the reason for your hair loss. The NHS assists with wigs for those with alopecia, cancer etc (depends on income) and they have a website. I am sure those who supply NHS patients measure the head etc. I wonder if you would be able to obtain the local supplier from your surgery or ask them how you would obtain this. I would have contacted the PCT but believe this has been disbanded.

Good luck - important you sort it out to make you feel good.....


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