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Information re my husbands test results

A bit of background information. My husband has had documented testicular damage and the Dr finally agreed a year and a bit ago to start him on Testosterone shots (went privately to see a good endo now emigrated). His Testosterone result was 12.2 (8-32), his FSH was over the reference range finally so it was agreed to start him on the shots. Previously he had been given anti depressants etc.

At the time of this diagnosis his TSH was 2.18 (0.25-5) and his fT4 was 10.5 (9-23). The shots have worked wonderfully, he has never suffered from 'depression' since, his energy levels returned. The last shot he had 3 weeks ago has not had the same impact. He was really fatigued for 10 days or more before the shot so we thought we only needed to ask for the shot to be brought forward by a week or so to correct this. But after the shot he has not picked up as quick which is normally within 2 days and it has taken nearly 3 weeks to get up to a better level. He had blood tests 2 weeks afterwards which showed his testosterone to be 22 (8-32) which to me is lower than I thought it would be just 2 weeks after his shot but his TSH is now 1.62 (0.25-5) and his fT4 is 9.3 (9-23).

His fT4 has fallen every single test but his TSH is always in the lower part of the range.

The only other notable blood test results are creatinine at 123 (65-118) which is to do with kidneys (he does not have high blood pressure) all other tests within ranges. He also takes all the supplements that I do as I have an underactive thyroid.

So my question would be, why is his fT4 falling and his TSH not increasing? How far will he have to fall off the range before someone will take it seriously? If his TSH remains 'normal' can anything be done for the fT4? He has the symptoms of thyroid but they also cross with testosterone. If his fT4 had remained level and the shots had continued to have the same impact I wouldn't have been concerned but now at a bit of a loss.

Our GP is lovely and I do trust him. Unfortunately the good endo has now gone and there is no one locally that I know or would trust.

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When I was diagnosed by my private Dr he said its quite simple, regardless of your tsh you do not have enough t4 in your body to function properly.

My tsh was 0.3 and my ft4 was 12.9 with similar ranges to your husbands.

I felt dreadful so I'm not surprised your husband does.



I was afraid of that. May need to look at a private Dr but so hard to trust anyone.



You can private message Louise ADMIN on this site for a list of good doctors.


Better to email me - can't attach documents to messages here! :)





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